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City of Tshwane Adopt-a-Spot Programme 

The City of Tshwane, through the Environment and Agriculture Management Department, is responsible for the urban greening initiatives and programmes of the City of Tshwane. The Environmental Management and Parks Division is responsible for rolling out landscape-related capital works projects in the development of parks, streetscapes and public open spaces. 

The City of Tshwane has begun its Adopt-a-Spot Programme, which is aimed at encouraging the public to take care of the environment by removing illegal dumping, cutting grass, removing alien vegetation and performing overall management and maintenance activities relating to parks and other public open spaces. 


The objectives of the programme are to – 

·         encourage the public to take care of the environment by removing illegal dumping, cutting grass, removing alien vegetation and performing overall management and maintenance activities relating to parks and other public open spaces;

·         guide a programme to overcome the challenges of ecological degradation, illegal land use, illegal dumping, criminal activities and the lack of safety in public open spaces; and

·         facilitate partnerships with active citizenry in enhancing the aesthetics and ecological functionality of Tshwane's public open spaces. 

The programme is not intended to replace the Alienation Policy of the City for leasing property. 

The programme is focused on underdeveloped, undeveloped or semi-developed municipal properties zoned as public open spaces. Only sites that are under the control and management or owned by the City of Tshwane as municipal properties and which in the opinion of the City are capable of being maintained through private funding will be considered for adoption. These include but are not limited to the following: 

·         Illegal dumping sites zoned as public open spaces

·         Recreational parks and facilities

·         Rivers, wetlands, flood plains, ridges and mountains

·         Any dilapidated area zoned as public open space

·         Unused road reserves and servitudes

·         Such other properties that the City may identify from time to time

The Adopt-a-Spot Programme will allow members of the public to make use of, maintain and manage these public open spaces for a renewable period not exceeding two years and 11 months. The development of aesthetically pleasing healthy and safe public landscapes, open spaces and recreational parks will ultimately benefit all members of the community. 

This is Phase 1 of the programme, and in the near future there will be more phases in the programme to cater for interested parties who missed the deadline of Phase 1. 

The City will not disburse any funds and no payments will be made to the applicants for maintenance work or upgrades done on the public open spaces. There will be no cost implications for the City.


The following pre-qualification criteria will be used: 

·         Ownership: The property should be owned by the City of Tshwane. The applicant must attach a copy of a deed search, title deed or ownership certificate that confirms ownership of the property.

·         Zoning: The property should be zoned as public open space. The applicant must attach a copy of the zoning certificate.

·         Application form: The applicant must attach a completed form clearly stating the following:

o   Location of the proposed project (erf number, portion, suburb, ward and region)

o   A summary description of the proposed project 

Proposals that do not comply with the above requirements will not be accepted.



All applications will be evaluated against administrative responsiveness. Requirements for submissions include the following: 

·         Proof of residential or business address

·         Proof of company registration if the applicant is a business entity or organisation

·         A copy of the identity document of the applicant, or registration certificate of the organisation or business, or power of attorney and company resolutions, or copy of the minutes of the organisation's annual general meeting

·         Proof of tax clearance certificate on hand

·         Certificate of good standing with the Department of Labour, where applicable

·         Detailed proposals covering capability, budget and locality (proximity to the spot) 

Proposals that do not comply with the above requirements will be disqualified. If only one proposal is received for a particular site and that proposal meets the above administrative requirements, that proposal will be presented to the Adopt-a-Spot Committee for consideration.



If there is more than one application for one site or spot, applications will be subjected to selection criteria based on capability, budget and locality. The proposal must therefore address these three factors as follows: 

·         Capability: All applicants should demonstrate capability in respect of the public open space that is being adopted. A clear proposal with the description of upgrades to be undertaken (a clear motivation statement, community needs analysis, maintenance work to be undertaken, use of local labour and resources, and concept drawings or images of proposed interventions).

·         Budget: The budget requirements will be measured based on the concept plan.

·         Locality: The applicants should provide proof of residential or business address. 

A total of 100 points are allocated for functionality and the proposals will be ranked to enable the Adopt-a-Spot Committee to recommend the top scorer. Provided that there is more than one application for the same site, preference will be given to partnerships, and particularly partnerships with financial resource commitments.


The successful applicant will be required to sign a partnership agreement after approval and before any work can commence.



All applications should be submitted via email to or hand-delivered at Tshwane House reception in the marked box, with attention to Mr Ntokozo Xaba and the subject as "ADOPT-A-SPOT APPLICATION". 

"Those who have previously applied or submitted similar proposals to the City are encouraged to re-apply." 

For more information on the Adopt-a-Spot Programme, please contact the Environment and Agriculture Management Department at or on 012 358 8814/8328/8869. 

Click here to download Adopt a spot programme Application Form
Click here to download Adopt A Spot Policy

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