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Strategic Communication Division

The role of the Strategic Communication Division is to provide the City of Tshwane with strategic direction regarding its interaction with stakeholders and to promote the City through the use of different communication mediums. It also has to protect the image of the City through effective issue management as well as build and maintain good relations with all stakeholders. In addition it is tasked with the responsibility of communicating the strategic intent of the City (Tshwane 2055 Growth and Development Strategy) in line with established principles and the desired outputs as captured in the Tshwane 2055 discussion document.

The Strategic Communication Division comprises the following Sections:

1. Corporate Communication

This section is responsible for the management of an internal and external communication service to enhance the image of the City of Tshwane and to disseminate relevant information to all its stakeholders. It is made up of:

1. 1 Internal Communication

Internal Communication addresses those systems and procedures used to communicate information with staff and Councilors. It is responsible for driving employee communication and engagement within the organization through streamlined communication and the maintenance of well-established communication channels such as the intranet, corporate messages and newsletters.

1.2. External Communication

This sub-section is responsible for promoting sound relations with external stakeholders of the City and communicate its services, service delivery initiatives and strategic projects. It is also responsible for coordinating all communication functions in the City through the Communication Forum, which comprises all City departments and political offices.

1.3 Audio-visual Products and Services

This sub-section produces images (pictures) and video footage of various events of the City for use in diverse communication mediums and products.

2. Language Services

The Language Services section’s mandate is to implement the City’s Language Policy and promote multilingualism in order to accommodate the City’s diverse communities. It comprises:

Language Policy Management

This unit is responsible for language policy formulation, development, review and implementation. It is mainly tasked with devising implementation strategies and ensuring promotion of multilingualism. It also oversees interpreting services offered for Council meetings, disciplinary hearings, conferences and other relevant meetings.

Translation and Editing

This unit is responsible for editing all official reports and municipal documents. The services offered also include translation of documents into the Municipality’s eight recognized official languages (English, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Setswana, isiZulu, isiNdebele, Xitsonga and Tshivenda).

3. Media Relations

Media Relations works with the media so as to inform the public of the City’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner. The aim of the section is to maximize positive coverage of the City in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising.

The section is made up of:

Media Liaison

This sub-section handles media enquiries and acts as a point of contact for media requests. It also plays a central part in keeping all external stakeholders informed of the work done by the City through the issuing of media releases.

Media Monitoring Services

This sub-section is responsible for analyzing the media’s coverage of the City over a specific period. For this purpose its employees continuously read newspapers, and watch or listen to the editorial content of media sources. The content generated is distributed to top management and departments through a daily media clipping service.

 Strategic Communication

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