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​​What is regarded as outdoor advertising? 

Outdoor advertising is the act or process of notifying, warning, informing or generally making known a service, product or event in such a way that the advertising is visible from a road or public place.

What section in the City of Tshwane is responsible for outdoor advertising? 

The responsible section is Outdoor Advertising Management, which is part of the City Planning and Development Department.

How can I contact Outdoor Advertising Management to find out about outdoor advertising? 

Call the Section on 012 358 7651/7694/8008 or send a fax to 012 358 8026.

What is the physical address of Outdoor Advertising Management? 

Suite 305A, 3rd Floor, Sammy Marks Square, cnr Van der Walt and Vermeulen Streets.

Where can I get a copy of the Control of Outdoor Advertising By-law? 

Visit the City of Tshwane website at and click on the “Outdoor Advertising” link under the “Services” tab on the green banner. On this page, you will find the By-law and other information about outdoor advertising in Tshwane.

How can I learn more about outdoor advertising in general?
Study the South African Manual for the Control of Outdoor Advertising, otherwise referred to as the SAMOAC document, which is obtainable from the Department of Tourism and Environmental Affairs. Contact them on 012 310 3753/6 or 012 310 3688. Their website address is

Do I need the Municipality's permission to display posters? If so, how do I apply? 

Yes, you need permission from the Municipality to display posters. Contact Outdoor Advertising Management on 012 358 7651 or 012 358 7694. An A4 poster design must be submitted for approval of the content and format before a poster is printed.

May I put up a sign on my property in a residential area to advertise my home undertaking? 

Yes, provided that an application (in accordance with the City of Tshwane’s application procedure and fees, as amended from time to time) for the evaluation of the design, size and position of the sign is submitted to Outdoor Advertising Management before the sign is produced.

Do I have to submit an application before I can put up a sign on my property? 

Yes. Any sign visible from a road or a public place requires the explicit consent of the Municipality.

Are any fees required with the submission of my application? 

Yes, you are required to pay an application fee. The fee together with the application for approval of the design, size and position of the sign must be submitted to Outdoor Advertising Management before the sign is made.

May I allow another person to advertise a product, service or event on my property? 

Third-party advertising is allowed only in certain circumstances, and then only with the explicit approval of the Municipality.

Why must I get permission from the Municipality to put up a sign if the property belongs to me? 

Outdoor advertising is controlled by a by-law to prevent the deterioration of the environment and the creation of unsafe driving conditions through the uncontrolled increase in signs, whether on private or public property.

Is trailer advertising allowed? 

No, trailer advertising is not allowed anywhere in Tshwane.

May I put banners up to advertise an event, product or service? 

Banner advertising is only allowed for event advertising and only on the premises on which the event will be held. Contact Outdoor Advertising Management for further information.

May handbills, pamphlets and leaflets be distributed at intersections? 

No, handbills, pamphlets and leaflets may not be distributed in any road reserve. They may only be placed in postboxes. 
Who may I contact when I receive a contravention notice or a summons, or when my sign has been confiscated? 
Liaise directly with the Development Compliance and Enforcement Section on 012 358 8833/ 8761 or send a fax to 012 358 4588.

Must the manufacturer or printer of signs ensure compliance with the Municipality's policy and by-law? 

The landlord, sign manufacturer as well as the advertiser must ensure that signs comply with the Municipality's outdoor advertising policy and by-law by submitting an application for a sign before it is produced.

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