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The City of Tshwane embraces and works towards multilingualism. This is evident from its Language Policy, which was adopted on 2 August 2007 and subsequently revised and adopted on 27 November 2012. The policy is aimed at enabling the residents of Tshwane to communicate with the Municipality and access municipal services in the language they understand best.

The City of Tshwane has adopted eight languages as its languages of communication, namely –

·         Afrikaans;

·          English;

·          Sepedi;

·          Setswana;

·          Xitsonga;

·          Tshivenda;

·          isiZulu; and

·          isiNdebele

​An effort is also made to use the other official languages of the Republic of South Africa, including South African Sign Language, on request.

The Language Policy outlines the following strategies to promote multilingualism in Tshwane:

Translation and editing: An in-house service is offered in the above six languages.

Terminology development: Terminology is developed continuously in the in-house languages. Terminology development, especially in the African languages, contributes to reducing the lack of terminology and fast-tracking translation.

Interpreting services: Interpreting services are provided during public participation meetings so as to afford residents of Tshwane the opportunity to participate in decision making. The Language Services Unit also facilitates interpreting services at disciplinary hearings, Council meetings, conferences and all other forums where required.

Language training: This service is offered to enhance employees' English language skills so as to improve their performance. Training is offered on writing reports, business letters, agendas and minutes, among other things.

Language policy management: Language policy management focuses on supporting the implementation of the Language Policy. Activities include monitoring and evaluation, language awareness campaigns, literature development initiatives, and language audits or surveys.

The Language Services Unit is dedicated to the realisation of its mandate, as we believe that we can contribute to building a united and inclusive society.

For more information on the Language Policy, please contact:

Landela Nyangintsimbi

Tel: 012 358 4762

Fax: 012 358 7453


Language Conference Report 2010​​
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