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Outdoor Advertising

​​​Outdoor advertising is advertising that is visible from public places such as streets, squares, bus stops or taxi ranks, and that can be put up on publicly or privately owned property.

Outdoor advertising has become an integral part of the urban scene in Tshwane, with advertising signs of every description proliferating throughout the city. This highly visual medium is an indicator of the economic growth of the city. However, it also has the potential to radically affect the appearance of the city if not properly managed. By adopting a responsible management approach to outdoor advertising, the Outdoor Advertising Unit of the Municipality is ensuring that the appearance of the city is not detrimentally affected.

Outdoor advertising in the city is regulated by means of the recently promulgated By-laws for the Control of Outdoor Advertising. These by-laws set out the legal requirements with regard to aspects such as application procedures, safety, amenity and decency, the design and construction of signs, offences and penalties, as well as the types of signs and the regulation of their display.

In applying the by-laws, the Outdoor Advertising Unit strives to ensure that outdoor advertising in Tshwane is environmentally sensitive and socially responsible and is displayed on structures that are aesthetically pleasing and suited to the area in which they are put up. The unit also has to ensure that adequate opportunities exist for the outdoor advertising industry, as outdoor advertising is accepted by the Municipality as a legitimate medium of advertising in the city.​

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