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The City Strategy and Organisational Performance Department (CSOP) is one of four departments that form part of the specialist offices in the Office of the City Manager. The CSOP is responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of the City's strategy and plans in line with the local government planning cycle. This makes the department a custodian of statutory compliance on all matters relating to legislated planning and reporting in the City. In order to drive the mandate as expressed above, the CSOP plays a critical internal coordinating, facilitating and advisory role on critical City matters of governance and compliance.


The CSOP consists of the following divisions: 

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Enterprise Programme Management
  • Organisational Performance Management
  • Strategic Relations Coordination
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management


Tshwane: A prosperous capital city through fairness, freedom and opportunity


To lead in coordinating service delivery and development through research, strategy, innovation and collaboration towards the verifiable performance of the City that sets a standard for the country through the values of transparency, professionalism, responsiveness, accountability and integrity.



Strategy Development and Implementation 

 This division sets out all the strategic plans and implementation tools for the City. The division is legislated and mainly premised on the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000). It is responsible for long-, medium- and short-term organisational planning in line with various legislation.


Enterprise Project Management 

 This division was established in 2017 and is responsible for coordinating all the capital planning and implementation work across the City. While the division has been incubated in the CSOP for three years, it has developed a number of policies and guidelines to improve project planning in the City by linking activities of project planning to other disciplines or organisational efficiency. 


Organisational Performance Management 

 This division monitors and evaluates the implementation of the strategy and operational plans through legislated reporting and by facilitating business reviews. The division is legislated and mainly premised on the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000).


Strategic Relations Coordination 

This division is the thread that holds all the work of the City together regarding partnerships and coordination. This function is critical in developing and maintaining the City's governmental and non-governmental partners. The focus of strategic relations partnerships includes research and academic institutions, cross-border cities, the three spheres of government in line with the Inter-Governmental Relations (IGR) Framework, as well as other identified social and economic groupings (depending on the strategic objective being fulfilled).   


Innovation and Knowledge Management 

 This division is concerned with providing platforms that allow for the inflow and outflow of knowledge between the City, employees and the community, ultimately turning knowing into implementable innovation service delivery solutions that will improve the quality of life of Tshwane residents.



Ms Nosipho Hlatshwayo


Group Head: CSOP 012 358 7541
Mr Albertus Van Zyl

Divisional Head: Strategy Development and Implementation


012 358 5198
Mr Tiyani Sambo

Divisional Head: Enterprise Programme Management


012 358 3832
Mr Siphumeze Cwayi Divisional Head: Organisational Performance Management 012 358 6069
Ms Thabisa Mbungwana

Divisional Head: Strategic Relations Coordination


012 358 8018
Mr Isaiah Engelbrecht

Divisional Head: Innovation and Knowledge Management


012 358 4209

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