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A multi-disciplinary approach to building integrated systems that use spatially referenced information.

These systems consist of an often complex mix of computer hardware, software, applications, and manual procedures designed to capture, maintain, analyse, manipulate and display spatially referenced information.

Building these systems draws on the disciplines of surveying, mapping, remote sensing, cartography, photogrammetry, geographic information systems (GIS) and management information systems (MIS), as well as scientific and business knowledge relating to the application area. 


The section is involved in conducting and managing activities related to cadastral/land surveying, engineering surveying and Geo-spatial information and consist of three sub-sections:

Cadastral / Land Surveying

The key objective of a Land Surveyors work is cadastral surveys. Land Surveyors provide Cadastral and related surveying, aerial photography and the legality of subdivision, division and consolidation applications. Cadastral surveys can only be conducted by a professionally registered Land Surveyor with the South African Geomatics Council.


Engineering Surveying

The key objective of an Engineering Surveyors are the measurement of dimensional relationships among points, lines, and physical features on or near the Earth's surface.  Engineering Surveyors prepare detail plans for capital infrastructure planning, compile and maintain records of surveys, layout plans and survey drawings, prepare and design cemetery layout plans and are responsible for control surveying.


Geo-Spatial Information Management

This Sub-section is involved in conducting activities related to:

  • Providing GIS support to City Planning and Development to ensure all Planning data are captured and managed and provide intelligent data analysis of the various forms of data to allow for management to make informed decisions for future developments and investments in the City. 
  • Provide geo-spatial and zoning information as well as large format reprographic service required for development application purposes.  This is rendered as a walk-in service at decentralized regional offices in: Akasia, Soshanguve, Sinoville, Pretoria CBD, Centurion and Shere AH.
  • Physical Address allocation.  As the custodians of all the address data of the CoT, allocate physical street numbers to all properties within the CoT and maintain the address database as addresses determine all service connection points and also inform the billing of such services. 



Contact Details:

Land surveying

Tel: 012 358 7870

Engineering Surveying

Tel: 012 358 7687

Development Information:


  • Surveyor General Diagrams (SG-Diagrams).
  • Locality Plans.
  • Zoning Plans.
  • Zoning Maps.
  • Tshwane Town Planning Scheme.
  • Aerial Photos.


    Electronic data.

Call centre

Tel: 012 358 7988


Room G4,

6649 Dale Road,


(28°6'22.45" E  25°39'59.46"S)


Stand 2275,

Soshanguve Block F

(28°6'0.94"E  25°31'16.36"S)


Kudu Building,

Cnr Pafuri & Marija Street,


(28°12'50.76"E  25°40'28.13"S)

Pretoria CBD

Isivuno House,

Room  1-011,

First Floor,

143 Lilian Ngoyi Street,


(28°11'33.38"E  25°44'38.75"S)


Room F8 and F11,

Cnr Basden & Rabie Street

Die Hoewes

(28°11'40.48"E  25°50'7.41"S)


First Floor,

Room 25,

43 Struben Street,

Shere AH

(28°21'15.87"E  25°47'34.39"S)

Large-format printing


All enquiries and queries

Tel: 012 358 1852



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