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1.   The amnesty period is valid from 1 August to 30 September 2022.

2.   The purpose of the amnesty period is to assist residents and business owners who are guilty of the following:

a.   Illegally connecting to the electricity and/or water network and benefiting from these services without being measured and paying for consumption.

b.   Tampering with an electricity and/or water meter, resulting in the measuring of incorrect or lower consumption.

c.   Illegally reconnecting an electricity and/or water meter after a credit control disconnection.

d.   Paying a bribe to remove an outstanding amount on an account or paying a bribe to illegally open a new municipal account without following the official process.

e.   Paying a bribe to have an electricity and/or water meter bypassed to record incorrect or lower consumption.




To qualify for amnesty, the following information must be submitted to the City of Tshwane:


1.   Download and complete and submit the application form below to

2.   Submit an affidavit detailing the following:

a.   How the tampering and/or illegal connection was installed

b.   Who the individual(s) are who facilitated the tampering, illegal connection and/or fraud on the account

c.   How and to whom money was paid to facilitate the tampering, illegal connection and/or fraud on the account

d.   The amount paid and how frequently the bribe money was paid (monthly or once-off)




1.    The City of Tshwane reserves the right to grant and withdraw amnesty in case of non-compliance with conditions.

2.    Amnesty will be subject to the condition that the same or similar offence is not committed within a period of five years.


For enquiries contact – 012 358 9999 or Fraud Hotline 080 874 9263 or email

Stop the theft! Repent now and start afresh. Say NO to the cycle and culture of tampering with electricity and water meters.

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