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The Group Audit and Risk Department was established in 2012. Its primary objective is to add value and improve the organisation's operations. It helps the organisation to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes as set out in the Internal Audit Charter as approved by the Audit and Performance Committee.


 Section 165(1) of MFMA Stipulates that each municipality and each municipal entity must have an internal audit unit, subject to subsection (3)


The internal audit of a municipality or municipal entity must

 (a) Prepare a risk-based audit plan and internal audit program for each financial year;

 (b) Advise the accounting officer and report to the audit committee on the implementation of the internal audit plan and matters relating to


 • Internal audit;

• Internal controls;

• Accounting procedures and practices;

• Risk and risk management;

• Performance management;

• Loss control; and

• Compliance with this Act, the annual Division of Revenue Act and any other applicable legislation; and (c) perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the accounting officer


 The internal audit function referred to in subsection(2) may be outsourced if the municipality or municipal entity requires assistance to develop its internal capacity and the council of the municipality or the board of directors of the entity has determined that this is feasible or cost-effective.



As Guardians of Governance, we drive and promote good governance that contributes discernibly, enriches and preserves service delivery value in attainment of the City's Vision



• To improve organisational performance through innovation, good governance, evaluating control design and effectiveness;

• Contributing to the improvement of Risk Management processes;

• Assisting in maintaining effective and efficient controls in promoting continuous improvement to the quality of life of the residents of Tshwane

• To enforce an ethical environment by promoting partnerships of taking accountability in eradicating fraud and corruption.




• Honesty  and Integrity


•Accountability and Responsibility

• Equality and Fairness

• Competency

• Professionalism

• Confidentiality

•Time and time management




 Strategic Objective of the Department


 Group Audit and Risk Department report on strategic objective number 4 which talks about "promoting good governance and active citizenry".

This objective can be achieved when the following things are present:


•Provide support for the development of a corporate governance ethos and mind-set, which provides the basis for a sound, prudent, ethical management and stewardship.

• Provide enterprise wide risk assurance that the control environment within areas reviewed are adequate to manage the related risks within acceptable limits and at reasonable cost.

• Provide expertise and advice regarding improvement of the existing risk levels, controls, processes and/or outputs, either by recommendations in reports, or through direct facilitation in a consulting capacity.

• Promote an Ethical Culture throughout the City and its Entities impacting positively on its reputation and public standing.

• Provide support to ensure government continuity of systems and operational resilience.

• Protect COT assets, revenue, and socio-economic capital through risk financing and assurance.


 Core functions

 The Department aims to provide a full range of Internal Audit services, to all departments of the municipality. To this extent, the following divisions have been established under the leadership of the Chief Audit Executive

Key contact details:

Office of the Chief Audit Executive

Chief Audit Executive: Mr. Moeketsi Ntsimane

Contact Number: 012 358 2282



Ms. Marble Mampa

Contact Number: 012 358 2959


Divisional Head: Internal and Special Audit Services

Ms Llele Poo

Contact Number: 012 358 8950


Divisional Head: Forensic and Investigation Services

Contact Number: 012 358 1630

Acting Chief Risk Officer: Ms. Lebogang Dichaba

Contact Number: 012 358 1630


Insurance Services

Mr. Luthando Gobingca

Contact Number: 012 358 6365

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