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Table 1: Subsidy amounts for 2005 - 2006
Income categoryPrevious subsidyNew subsidyContributionProduction price
Individual, Project linked and Relocation Assistance subsidies
R 0 to R1500R25 800.00R31 929.00NoneR31 929.00
R1 501 to R3500Collapsed categoryR29 450.00R2479.00R31 929.00
Indigent: Aged, disabled or health stricken
R1501 to R3500
R28 279.00R31 929.00NoneR31 929.00
Institutional subsidies
R 0 to R3500R25 800.00R29 450.00Institution must add capitalAt least R31 929.00
Consolidation Subsidies
R 0 to R1500R14 102.00R18 792.00NoneR18 792.00
R1501 to R3500New categoryR16 313.00R2 479.00R18 792.00
Consolidation Subsidy: for Aged, disabled or health stricken
R1 501 to R3 500
R16 581.00R18 792.00NoneR18 792.00
Rural subsidies
R0 to R3500R25 800.00R29 450.00NoneR29 450.00
People's Housing Process
R0 to R3 500R25 800.00R31929.00 (includes an establishment grant of R800) R31 929.00
Emergency programme
Temporary assistanceR23 892.00R26 874.00NoneR26 874.00
Repair to existing stock:
ServiceR11 698.00R13 137.82NoneR13 137.82
HousesR16 581.00R18 792.00NoneR18 791.64
Public Sector Hostels Redevelopment programmePrevious grantNew grant
Family unitsR25 800.00R29 450.00
Individual units (per bed)R6 400.00R7 234.00​
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