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Information on applying for a housing subsidy

What is a government housing subsidy?

A government housing subsidy is a grant provided by the government for housing purposes. The government does not give cash to beneficiaries. The grant is useable for housing only.
Who can apply for a government housing subsidy?

To apply for a housing subsidy:

  • You must be 21 years or older;
  • you must be married or single with dependants or cohabiting with a partner for a long time;
  • you must be unemployed or earning not more than R7 000 per household;
  • you must either be a South African citizen or a foreigner with a permanent residence permit;
  • you must not have received government housing assistance before; and
  • you must be a first-time home owner.

Where to apply?

Apply at your nearest satellite officehyperlink to satellite offices below. Satellite offices are linked to our central database. All your details will be captured and recorded.

How to apply?

There is no fee to apply for a government subsidised house. Just visit your nearest satellite office and bring the following documents along with you:
p Your ID book;
p your spouse`s ID book (if applicable);
p birth certificates of dependants (children);
p proof of income if you are employed; and
p you will need proof (eg. an affidavit) for extended family members (eg. your niece or nephew).
You should make copies of these documents and certify them before you visit a satellite office. You can certify them at your nearest police station or at the magistrates` court.

What about people with special needs?

Our department cares for people with disabilities. These include people who use wheelchairs and require special access. More information on this is available at our satellite offices.

I have applied - what now?

When you apply at your nearest satellite office, you will receive proof of registration, which is “Form C”. This form shows the date on which you applied and your application number. To check if your name appears on the provincial waiting list, take this form to your nearest satellite office or provincial office. Once your name is on this list the process has begun.

Keep checking with your satellite office or the provincial office on the progress made with your application.

Please remember to:

Inform the satellite office when you change your residential and postal details, or if your working status changes (if you lose your job or find a job). You also need to advise the satellite office when there are family changes (eg additional dependants), or if your health status changes (eg disability).

Contact details

Physical address
2nd Floor
Sanlam Plaza East Building
285 Schoeman Street

Postal address
PO Box 440

Tel: 012 358 1167
Mr Bradley Rathumbu
Manager: Waiting list and Subsidy Administration Unit

Tel: 012 358 1124
Mr Peggy Rathete
Deputy Manager: Waiting list and Subsidy Administration Unit
Satellite offices
012 358 9737
012 358 9862
012 358 9816
012 358 9270
012 358 3888
012 358 5546
Pretoria Central
012 358 4315
012 358 5003

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