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The National Home Builders Registration Council was established in terms of the Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act, 1998 (Act No. 95 of 1998). The Council is mainly established to protect the interest of housing consumers, and to regulate the home building industry.

Who should register with the NHBRC?

All home builders, regardless of the size or cost of the homes they build, must be registered with the NHBRC in terms of the law (Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act no 95 of 1998). To register, you should complete the application forms which are available from the nearest NHBRC Provincial Office, and forward these along with all the appropriate documentation and fees, to the nearest office.

Why register with the NHBRC?

Prospective home owners regularly request the name of a home builder from the NHBRC. They will supply a list of registered home builders in the buyer’s area.

By registering with NHBRC, new home buyers will know that you have a good reputation as a home builder. This provides a definite advantage over a non-registered builder. In August 1999 it became illegal for any bank to lend money to a home buyer if the home builder was not registered with NHBRC. It is also illegal for Provincial Housing Boards, to award subsidies to non-registered home builders.

A home builder's grading is implemented by the NHBRC. This means that the longer you are an active member with no outstanding claims against you, the higher your rating will become. It automatically tells the home owner how good your quality of service and workmanship is.

1.1.1 Important documents and details

  • Experience/qualifications of managing director and senior management;
  • Hnumber of years registered with the Registrar of Companies;
  • Company registration number, if applicable;
  • ID number of the director/s, shareholders or owner;
  • Bank account details;
  • Number of homes you have built in the last three years and your realistic expectations for the next 12 months;
  • Day telephone numbers of clients, professionals and suppliers to supply references of your quality of work, reputation and material turnover;
  • Details of your technical and quality control on site;
  • Details of engineers you have previously used;
  • Details of any holding or parent company, subsidiary or associated company;
  • Details of any other companies that your directors are involved in;
  • Financial information on turnover, profitability and fixed assets etc.

1.1.2. Fees

The application fee to apply for membership is R750.00, which must accompany your application form. The annual registration fee is R600.00 to be paid upon registration and annually thereafter. NHBRC Home Building Manual Standards and Guidelines are available at a cost of R100.

1.1.3. The responsibilities of the registered home builder

It is your responsibility as a member to read and understand all relevant NHBRC documentation, and to ensure that all new homes are enrolled with NHBRC. You are further responsible for ensuring that each new home owner receives the Standard Home Builders Warranty. It is the member’s duty to learn and make use of the Home Building Manual, and to assist the NHBRC inspectors during the construction of the home.

1.1.4. Suspension and de – registration

Your membership will be suspended and potentially deregistered if you fail to comply with the NHBRC's Home Building Manual; if you fail to fix any defects covered under the Warranty Scheme; if you fail to provide all the relevant documentation; or if you bring the home building industry or the NHBRC into disrepute.

1.1.5. Help and Information

For further information on your registration or any other information, please contact the NHBRC Toll free number 0800 200 842, or your nearest Provincial Office.


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