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Housing and Human Settlement

Welcome to department of Housing and Human Settlement. We operate two divisions:

  • Housing Provision & Resource Management division
  • Housing Administration division​



The Department of Housing and Human Settlement provides the lower income earners in the city with adequate, safe, affordable and sustainable accommodation, administered in a transparent manner in accordance with good governance.

The Housing Provision and Resource Management Division

This division is mandated to “add significant value to sustainable living in Tshwane through the provision of sustainable housing”. To deliver upon this mandate, we:

  • Ensure an adequate supply of houses for sale to low income citizens
  • Provide six categories of housing: for the self sufficient, elderly, high rise buildings, loose standing houses; hostels; converted family unit, and homeless shelters.
  • Assure a continuous, affordable and adequate supply of bulk water in an economic, effective and efficient manner with an acceptable quality;
  • Assure that water distribution infrastructure delivers potable water in a sustainable, effective and efficient manner
  • Collect and convey waste water in a sustainable, efficient and safe way


The Housing Administration Division

The Division of Housing Administration is mandated to “manage the provision of rental accommodation for low income earners in Tshwane”. To deliver upon this mandate, the division has the following functional goal:

  • Manage the rental accommodation to low income earners in Tshwane.


Division of Housing Provision and Resource Management

The Division of Housing Provision and Resource Management is mandated to ensure the provision of infrastructure and basic services to low income earners in Tshwane.

What we do

We manage and eradicate housing backlogs and curb land invasions by educating communities on the problems caused by these invasions.

We also provide layout plans for informal settlements and identify land that can be developed for the relocation of informal settlements.

We department empower communities through:

  • Housing support centres
  • The People's Housing Process – an initiative which teaches the importance of saving money and aids with development of building skills.


Our department provides a wide range of rental housing options for the residents of Tshwane, such as rental opportunities for households earning above R2,500 per month. We also offer special needs housing for the aged, the disabled, people with HIV and Aids, and children who are orphaned by HIV and Aids. For households earning less than R3,500 per month, we provide incremental low-cost housing. We also provide houses in mixed developments - in line with the Breaking New Ground Policy. We de-stigmatise hostels by converting them into family units and developing economic ventures in which the community and the hostel residents can partake and own. Our department also transfers ownership of properties owned by the Municipality (especially in township areas) to private individuals through a discount benefit scheme. We also operate a waiting list system and educate communities about the importance of the waiting list and the subsidy administration process.

Services Provided

The department supplies the following services:

  • Waiting list and subsidies
  • Subsidy bands and qualification criteria
  • Gauteng Housing rental tribunal
  • National Home Builders Regulatory Council (NHBRC)​​


Group Head

Nonto Memela
Tel: 012 358 1166​

Divisional; Head : Housing Provision Management
Lebogang Nkadimenmg
Tel: 012 358 4144
E-mail: ​​​


Divisional Head: Housing Administration
Petal Thring
​Tel: 012 358 1166
E-mail: ​​​​

Divisional Head: Planning and Settlement

Sello Chipu
​Tel: 012 358 1166
E-mail: ​​​​


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