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The region has a 24-hour customer service centre which delivers a service to the community that complies with the Batho Pele principles. The key performance areas are:

Road policing

This centres on all activities which contribute to reduce, deter or prevent the occurrence of all accidents by –

  • ensuring effective and efficient law enforcement;
  • monitoring relevant infrastructure as well as strategic interventions, where and when necessary; and
  • providing supportive traffic control services with the vision to secure a safe road environment where the community can confidently use all roads in Tshwane without fear of damage, injury or death.

By-law enforcement

By-law enforcement is crucial for economic development and to secure growth and investment. High unemployment rates could lead to an increase in unregulated business activities as people struggle to earn an income. By-law enforcement is also crucial to the city’s industries such as wholesalers, retail traders, hotels and restaurants, since businesses in this category must comply with a wide range of the City’s by-laws.

By-law policing in Tshwane also includes but is not limited to the following factors:

  • A considerable number of people have access to electricity. But in some areas, people use paraffin for cooking, thus the likelihood of illegal electricity connections, is higher, in which case by-law enforcement is vital as illegal electricity connections could result in children being electrocuted.
  • Not everyone in the city enjoys the luxury of access to piped water, and people may make illegal connections to the water supply system.
  • Many households do not have access to proper sanitary facilities such as flushing toilets, especially in the far north of Tshwane. This could cause health problems and environmental pollution in these areas. (Using other means to obtain access leads to violation of the City's sanitation by-laws).
  • Many households do not have refuse removal services. This leads to illegal dumping of waste, with health and environmental implications; as well as the burning of waste which may create fire hazards.

Crime prevention

The White Paper on Safety and Security, 1998, defines crime prevention as: “All activities which reduce, deter or prevent the occurrence of specific crimes, firstly by altering the environment in which they occur, secondly by changing the conditions which are thought to cause them, and thirdly by providing a strong deterrent in the form of an effective Justice System.”


  • Certification
  • Affidavits
  • Attending to complaints related to the three core functions (by-law enforcement, crime prevention and road policing)


Soshanguve: Blocks AA, BB, CC, DD, F, G, H, L, K, FF, GG, LL, JJ, HH, PP, KK,V, R, W, X, Y, MM.

Mabopane: Blocks A, B, C, D, E, I, N, M, R, X, X extension, U, U extension.

  • Winterveld township
  • Winterveld plots
  • Libanon
  • Beirut
  • Itsoseng township

Address: 2161 Molefe Makinta Drive

Block U



Customer service centre contact number:

Tel: 012 358 3604/3605

Commander Motshwane: 012 358 9835

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