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The Special Operations Section aims to eliminate the perceived and actual threats of crime, improve safety and security conditions of all people within Tshwane and assist the SAPS where necessary. The sectopm advocates a zero tolerance approach to sustain and intensify visible crime prevention in the areas concerned. It also provides a professional specialised service which strongly enhances, supports and strengthens efforts of the TMPD to root out crime and drug trafficking in Tshwane. To achieve the above, the section consists of the Canine Unit, whose functions include –


  • narcotic dogs – drug enforcement, sweep actions;
  • explosive detection dogs – sweep actions for explosives and fire arms;
  • patrol dogs – apprehension of fleeing suspects;
  • road blocks – stop and search actions;
  • undercover operations;
  • combating crime; and
  • high-visibility patrol.

The Equestrian Unit's functions include –

tmpd_img7.png tmpd_img8.png


  • high-visibility patrols in greenbelt areas, rural areas, built-up areas, as well as the inner city;
  • special events;
  • parades;
  • horse shows at schools;
  • search and rescue operations for missing persons;
  • crowd management;
  • tracking; and
  • protection duties.

The Task Team, Drug Unit performs the following functions:

  • Combating crime and drug trafficking
  • Executing crime and drug enforcement operations
  • Stop and search operations
  • Undercover operations
  • Drug education at schools, identified premises and hot spot areas
  • Crime prevention in general in designated areas
  • Operations with the SAPS
  • Operations with regions
  • Any other situation relating to crime prevention which the regions are not able to handle
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