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Water Conservation is the minimisation of water loss or waste, the care and protection of water resources, and the efficient and effective use of water. This is achieved through our water demand management - a strategy and programme that positively influences the amount of water that is used.

This programme’s social benefit is that a more efficient use of water ensures more reliable supplies, improves the quality of life, and promotes local economic development. The economic benefits are a reduction in losses and wastefulness. This means we have more water to go around, saving us the costs of having to provide the new infrastructure needed to treat and prepare more water.

The environmental benefits of this programme are a reduced demand on water supply and better managed water resources, such as wetlands, which improves the quality and functioning of habitats and ecosystems. This allows for better quality water, improved health, and reduced pollution.

The health benefits from better quality water are that with more, more people can have access to good quality water. Access to clean water is a major contributor to health improvement.

High Water Consumption

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