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Roads and Stormwater

Our Division of Roads and Stormwater adds value to healthy living in Tshwane through the provision of sustainable roads and stormwater services of high quality. Our division’s goals are:

  • To ensure safe stormwater and drainage environment;
  • To provide stormwater infrastructure development and maintenance.

Roads and Stormwater is responsible for planning, providing and maintaining the roads and stormwater infrastructure of Tshwane to facilitate economic growth and social development, promote traffic safety, improve traffic flow, and alleviate traffic congestion.

Report all street related problems to:

Traffic Signals:
To improve service delivery and to improve our responsiveness on the repair of faulty traffic signals we have created the following e-mail address for the reporting of faulty traffic signals:

The purpose of the address is to report faulty traffic signals which includes traffic signals which are flashing, traffic signals which are completely out, or any dangerous situation caused by a traffic signal faulty traffic signals.

E-mails sent will be attended to during working hours. Any fault which occur outside normal working hours must be reported at the call centre at 012 358 2111.

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