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Some documents are in pdf format. To read these files you need to have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


If you experience difficulties to open a file in your browser window do the following:

      Select the file you wish to download from the Internet.
      Right-click with your mouse on the file name.
      A menu will appear on your screen, select 'Save Target as ...'.
      A temporary window will appear displaying the file download process.
      A "Save as" window will appear. Select a directory on your computer (i.e. My Documents) to save the file in.
      Open the file from the directory on your computer.

  • You have to download the drawings in .pdf format before you can download the cad drawings. The .pdfs contain the approved signatures.
  • The information is revised regularly and it is your (the client's) responsibility to make sure that you have the latest revised documents before starting with a project.
  • All our drawings must be read in conjunction with the Standard Specifications for Municipal Civil Engineering Works, Series 3 & 4, available at the Tender Office, Supply Chain Management, C de Wet Bldg, DF Malan Drive.
  • The signature or initials on all drawings, of any manager of the Roads and Stormwater Division, in no way removes any responsibility whatsoever from the Consultant.
  • The Consultant remains responsible to ensure that all the Guidelines, Standard Drawings, Standards & Specifications of the Roads and StormwaterDivision have been met and are complied with.

By downloading these documents you declare that you understand and accept these conditions. If you do not accept it, please do not download and use the documents.

Proceed to downloads page. (Roads and Stormwater Standard Detail Documents)

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