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Top Management

Top Management

Members of Top Management

Top Management is constituted by:

  • Group Heads
  • Executive Heads in the office of the Executive Mayor and City Manager

An extended Top Management will include Executive Heads and directors as specified by the Accounting Officer.

Roles & Responsibilities

Top Management roles are aligned to the responsibilities of the Municipal Manager as stated in Section 55 of the Municipal Systems Act. These are further supported by the Municipal Performance Management System.

In performing its duties, Top Management aligns itself to the Balance Score Card methodology to create interface between strategic objectives and developmental objectives. The Balance Score Card provides a structure for the integration of the Municipal IDP & SDBIP. Top Management therefore monitors performance through the following Balanced Score Card measures:

Measures Link / Top Management Agenda Items
Customer (Electorate)
Is the Municipality delivering the services the electorate wants?
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Service Delivery interventions
  • Promoting Batho Pele Principles - Customer Care Initiatives
  • Promoting Community Participation
  • Coordinate petitions
Financial Perspective
Is the service delivered at a good price?
  • Financial Management / Performance
  • Endorse budget planning process prior to MAYCO & Council approval
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Budget Adjustment analysis and recommendation
Internal Process Perspective
Can the Municipality improve upon a service by changing the way service is delivered?
  • Internal and External Audit (Steering Committee)
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Good Governance
  • Municipal Controls, Processes and Systems
  • Process effectiveness and efficiencies
  • Organizational Performance Management – Monthly Report
  • Non Financial Performance Management
  • Individual Performance Management
  • Recommend to MAYCO and Performance and Management Committee
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Development of Municipal Strategy (IDP) – endorse municipal IDP together with its process plan prior to MAYCO & Council approval
  • Prepare for Quarterly Makgotla
  • Policy Reviews
  • Municipal Governance Including Municipal Entities
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Stakeholder Engagements & IGR
  • MAYCO and Council Agenda (Resolutions and Action Lists)
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