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012 358 9999

Region 2


PHYSICAL ADDRES​​S: Service Delivery Operations, Region 2, Room 201, Temba Municipal Offices

Tel: (012) 358 4243/2531/1157/

E-mail address:



Physical address: 240 Cnr of Marija Street and Pafuri Avenue, Sinoville

Tel:  012 358 2260/3614


532 Lovelane Street, Mandela Village, Hammanskraal

Tel: 012 711 0046


4424 Unit 2 Temba/Kudube

Tel: 012 358 9614/9660/9251


  • A total of 21 702 service requests were made at the Customer Walk-In-Centres.
  • 96, 6% of service requests were immediately resolved.
  • 3.4% of service requests were referred to the relevant back offices for further attention.


The City of Tshwane's approved macro structure has led to the re-engineering of the Municipality to better perform its functions as a developmental local government.

A noticeable character of the new institutional arrangements is the introduction of the regional services model which aims to bring government and services closer to the people and improve service delivery.



Region 2 is bordered by the Magaliesberg Mountain range to the south and the PWV 9 freeway to the West. The N1 runs through the middle of the Region.

The N1-Highway in the East, the Gauteng Provincial Boundary, including Hammanskraal, Temba and twelve other areas up to the Tswaing Nature Reserve in the North and the Eastern Boundaries of Winterveld, Soshanguve and Pretoria North in the West, all of which encompasses an area of about 1 062 km2 in land mass.

Demographic info

Region 2 has an estimated population figure of 339 75 people and 115 882 households. (Stats SA: Census 2011)​


​​POPULATION​ ​​ ​ ​
High Medium Low Total
45646 100258 262372 408276​



Approximately 33% of the economically active population of Region 2 is unemployed, higher than the national average of 25%.

The number of unemployed people for Region 2 is 17% of the total of unemployed people (economically active people) in Tshwane.


Region 2 covers 1 062km² in land mass with an estimated population of 339 182 according to the Census 2011. The region has an estimated household total of 115 882.


Region 2 is 1 062km² in extent and 12 wards falls within this region. This is the region with the 3rd largest geographical area because of the inclusion of a large rural area.

Region 2 is accessible via:

  • The N1 freeway which runs north south through Region 2 and links the City of Tshwane with the Limpopo Province in the north and Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town towards the south.
  • The Platinum Highway (N4/PWV2), which links the region with the North West Province and Rustenburg in the west. This road forms part of the Maputo/ Walvis Bay Corridor.
  • The region is therefore accessible from a regional point of view as it is served by both north-south and east-west first order roads linking it to the rest of Gauteng and the broader region.


  1. Region 2 has 12 Wards (Wards 5, 8, 13, 14, 49, 50, 73, 74, 75, 76, 95 and 96) bordered by the Sinoville-Montana areas in the South, the Temba-Hammanskraal areas in the North, the N1 Highway in the East and the Onderstepoort-Soutpan Road in the West.



Budget Details
Regional Operational Budget: FY 13/14 R209 796 801
Regional CAPEX Expenditure: FY 12/13 (Actual figure From 01 July 2012-31 May 2013 R506 506 085
CAPEX FY 13/14. This includes the Northern Areas  Tarring programme R570 491 167
EPWP: Regional CAPEX and OPEX Budget 12/13 FY (excluding Environmental Management CAPEX projects) Created 1049 jobs



Project Name



Budget 2014/2015 Budget 2015/2016
Project Linked Housing – Water Provision 25 300 000 150 000 0000 200 000 000
Sewerage – Low Cost Housing 25 300 000 150 000 0000 200 000 000
Water Low Cost Housing    22 949 621    
Refurbishment of Water Networks and Backlog Eradication  316 041 546 100 000 0000          59 800 237
Flooding Backlog: Stinkwater & New Eersterust Area 14 400 000       5 000 000             5 000 000
Flooding backlog: Network 2F, Kudube Unit 6 17 500 000          100 000                100 000
Flooding Backlog: Network 2D, New Eersterust  x 2 14 000 000     10 000 000           10 000 000
Upgrading Lavender Road (Southern Portion of K97)   57 700 000    
Construct of Taxiway   17 000 000    
Hammanskraal Multipurpose Sport and Recreational facility   10 000 000    
2 Parks per Ward Portion of 27 000 000 Portion of 29 000 000 Portion of R35 000 000




Rent View residents were to be relocated to a new site, by the name of Temba Extension 1. Transport services were asked to prepare the new site, which was virgin land, with trees shrubs and grass. Machinery and equipment were used to prepare the site and it was finalised for occupation in three weeks time.


  • 3 out 4 libraries in Region 2 provide internet facilities for users
  • The installation of Wi-Fi-Network at Region 2 libraries saw an increase of new members at libraries by 6049 in the last financial year
  • In effort to eradicate the backlogs of social infrastructure in Region 2, the following facilities will be completed and open to public in 2013:
  • Doornpoort Clinic (Ward 5) 100% complete and operational
  • Suurman Library (Ward 08) is 100% complete and is due for opening by end of February 2015.
  • Hammanskraal Cricket Club house is 100% complete and operational

    Beneficiaries of programmes for vulnerable groups over the previous 7 months​


Target Group Number of Beneficiaries Programme
Women 138

Cooperative Development, Women Empowerment, Skills Development and training

Children 964

Children's rights and maximum development, Protection and care of children , Building child friendly communities ​

Youth 60

Substance Abuse and Crime prevention , Life Skills, skills development ​

Aged 148

Healthy Lifestyle  and Health Care information sessions , Advocacy on Rights of Elderly

Social Clubs ,Exercise Groups, Gardening, Bead Work, Jewellery Making.

People with disabilities 98

Advocacy on the Rights of the Disabled, Income generating activities, Recreational activities


  • NHI to be piloted in Region 2
  • 128% immunization coverage for children population at Region 2 Doornpoort  Clinic
  • Lead poisoning workshop for crèche Principals was conducted
  • World No Tobacco awareness for crèche Principals conducted
  • Training of Kopanong Informal traders on by-laws conducted
  • Most of Region 2 initiation schools are registered with CoT MHS
  • 35 672 households were reached and educated on HIV/AIDS; TB  and STI's
  • 4331 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC's) were traced during door to door educational programme.
  • Fifteen ( 15) Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers in Region 2 received a grant of R100 000 in 2012/13 financial year
  • Partnership with Early Childhood Development Institute led to training of 75 ECD Practitioners in level 4 training.
  • Annual walk against elderly abuse and advocating for the rights of Elderly was organized, attracting 150 elderly participants
  • Recruited and trained 232 Volunteers for HIV Peer Education Door to Door Programme
  • 240 individuals were empowered with accredited health care courses through partnership with FPD
  • 9000 female condoms were distributed and 300 000 male condoms were also distributed.
  • The Dare to Dream arts and culture youth development workshops were presented to the youth of Region 2 in September 2012  by the  internationally renowned Choreographer Mr. Paul Modjadi
  • Two AFCON Public viewing areas events were successfully held at the Temba Stadium in January and February 2013 attracting more than 10,000 people
  • The SRAC unit of Region 2 was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system Certificate
  • The Stinkwater Easter games in March 2013 saw the launch of a city wide project to involve the youth and senior citizens in sport during the Easter holidays


Waste Management  

  • The region has been working with service provider to improve waste collection and illegal dumping cleansing service to the community. Waste collection service is currently provided to 74 749 households through 240l/85l bins and plastic bags.
  • Adopt-a-spot is one of the initiatives supported by waste management to combat illegal dumping
  • Roll-out of the replacement of 85L bins with 240L bins has commenced on 20 June 2013

Parks, Nature Conservation, Resorts & Swimming Pools:

  • Development of Stinkwater Thematic Park in Ward 13
  • Upgrading of Renstown Park in Ward 49
  • Development of Park Erf 132 Ramotse in Ward 73
  • Upgrading of Oustad Park 1, 6 and 13 in Ward 74
  • Development of Oustad Parks 2 and 14 in Ward 74
  • Upgrading of Temba Circle in Ward 74


Maintenance projects​

Project Area Ward Budget Benefits
Routine Substation Maintenance Annlin, Doornpoort Magalieskruin, Montana, Sinoville Wonderboom and Hammanskraal

5, 49, 50 73, 87, 93 and 96


R 684,100.00


Maintain the safety and integrity of the reticulation  network in the Region 2 area
Replace copper overhead conductors with aluminium

Rooiwal and Annlin


50 and 96


R 353,000.00


Limit power failures due to conductor theft.


Upgrade and maintain 11kV power-lines

Rural areas


49, 87, 93 and 96




Provide supply of electricity to rural consumers according to NRS 047 and NRS 048
Upgrade and maintain LV power-lines Annlin, Doornpoort Magalieskruin Sinoville Wonderboom

5, 50 87, 93 and 96




Provide supply of electricity to urban consumers according to NRS 047 and NRS 048
Upgrade and maintain 11kV cable reticulation system Annlin, Doornpoort Magalieskruin, Montana, Sinoville Wonderboom and Hammanskraal 5, 49, 50 73, 87, 93 and 96



Provide supply of electricity to urban consumers according to NRS 047 and NRS 048.

Illegal Connections Operations

Date Area Ward Benefits
10  July 2012 Hammanskraal 73 Reduces electricity losses, community safety and supports revenue collection
16  August 2012 Hammanskraal 73 Reduces electricity losses, enhance community safety and supports revenue collection.
30  August 2012 Hammanskraal 73 Reduces electricity losses, enhance community safety and supports revenue collection.



Task Description Tasks Completed

Water leaks attended (Hammanskraal)


  • The total number of bowsers and tanks been used on  a daily basis to supply water around Hammanskraal areas

-Bowsers = 14

-Tanks = 125

-Stations where bowsers stop with no tanks = 35



  • Rentview relocations to Temba Ext.1
  • Hammanskraal West Ext 1, low cost houses.
  • Hammanskraal West Ext 2, infrastructure (Electrification, sewage and water).
  • Steve Biko/Kekana Gardens, electrifications.
  • Kudube Unit 5 and 9 to be formalised in 2013/14.


Housing and Human Settlements​

  • Transfer of houses to beneficiaries, issued 2062 Title Deeds.
  • Provision of temporary services (water and chemical toilets) at informal settlements.
  • Electrification of Steve Biko (Kekana Gardens) informal settlement.
  • Building project of low cost house (RDP) at Marokolong (Mandela Village) Ext 2 & 4.

Land Use and By-law Enforcement:

  • Operations focusing on illegal signage, land-use and visible service delivery were conducted successfully during the first six months of 2013.


  • The Temba and Horingnestkrans cemeteries are well maintained
  • Development of the Tshwane North Cemetery continues in the current financial year


Project Area Ward Budget       Benefits

Replacement of absolute and dangerous switchgear


Annlin, Doornpoort Magalieskruin, Montana, Sinoville Wonderboom and Hammanskraal


5, 50 and 73


R 980,500.00


Safeguard network integrity as well as personnel safety


Replace copper overhead conductors with aluminium


Rooiwal and Annlin


50 and 96


R 353,000.00


Limit power failures due to conductor theft.


Commissioning of 11kV substations


Annlin-West, Montana-Tuine and Zeekoegat


50 and 87


R 286, 400.00

Safeguard network integrity as well as personnel safety




Challenge Mitigation
Grass Cutting Appointment of additional EPWP employees to augment what currently exists.
Illegal dumping The region has a Comprehensive Illegal Dumping Program dedicated to public cleansing.
Vast area consisting of tribal land which makes enforcement of Town Planning Scheme problematic Establishment of Regional task Team to address complaints/problems regarding illegal land-use holistically.
Vast area consisting of tribal land which makes enforcement of Town Planning Scheme problematic. Establishment of Regional task Team to address complaints/problems regarding illegal land-use holistically.
Illegal occupation of double stands. Group Legal Services to intervene.
Land invasions. Fast-track the formalization of informal settlements.
Illegal selling of stands and low cost houses.

Transferring of houses to beneficiaries


Structures/Houses built on servitudes including on access for infrastructures.

Building compliance unit to intervene.


Wet land (Relocation of beneficiaries. Rezoning of undetermined areas at formalized townships.
Only 1 official cemetery in the region. Temba cemetery was closed due to the remaining area being waterlogged. The alternative cemetery is in Horingnestkrans located 30km from Temba. Portion of the farm Sterkwater has been purchased for development of a cemetery.

Increase in community and illegal cemeteries


 24 hour security to be made available


Theft and damages  
Backlog of social infrastructure for sport, culture and educational development in the northern part of Region 2

The use of scrapped fields, schools facilities and churches for community activities and events


An  Electricity Depot for electricity personnel for Region 2


Provide budget on the IDP Schedule for the erection of an electricity depot for Region2


Provide team to address all High-Mast lights in Region 2


Equip the Region 2 Electricity staff with the necessary skills and resources to deal with the repairs on High-Mast lights


Illegal electricity connections


Perform regular RIP and Bye-Law enforcement exercises to safeguard the integrity of the electricity network.


Cable theft

Do regular law enforcement exercises in the region and empower the existing contractor to combat cable theft in an effective manner.



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