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Region 6


Physical address: 16 Dale Avenue, Karen Park, Akasia

Tel: 012 358 9142/012 358 8817

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Stanza Bopape Customer Care Walk-in Centre, Stanza Bopape Community Centre, 7401 Rammupudu Street Mamelodi Customer Care Walk-In Centre, Makhubela Street, Mamelodi Mini- Munitoria
Eersterust Customer Care Walk-in Centre, Eersterust Civic Centre, cnr PS Fourie and Hans Coverdale West Shere Customer Care Centre, Theron Street


A total of 87 866 contacts occurred at customer walk-in centres

  • 91% of reported cases were immediately resolved.  
  • Only 9% of reported complaints were referred for further attention.
  • A total of 1 650 written complaints were received from residents, of which 1 565 were resolved. 


The City of Tshwane's approved macro structure has led to the re-engineering of the Municipality to better perform its functions as a developmental local government.

A noticeable feature of the new institutional arrangement is the introduction of the regional services model, which aims to bring government and services closer to the people and improve service delivery. 



Region 6 is bordered by the Magaliesberg Mountain range to the north and the N1 freeway to the west and Ekhuruleni Local Municipality to the South.

The Region includes large parts of the former Kungwini and Nokeng Tae Tsamane regions.

  • The N4 freeway which links the City of Tshwane with Mpumalanga Province and runs east-west through the region. 
  • The N1 freeway which runs on the western side of the region and links the City of Tshwane with the Limpopo Province in the north and Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town towards the south
  • The R21 freeway along the western boundary of the region which links the City with the Ekurhuleni Municipality and the OR Tambo International Airport.The region clearly enjoys a high level of accessibility.


The region is 885 km² in extend.

  km² ha Wards
Region 6 885,239,940 885 88524 24


Region 6 had a population of about 605554 people according to the 2011 Census.

High Medium Low Total
152289 141418 292743 605 554

In terms of income groups 48 % can be regarded as within the Low income group (monthly household income of less than R 2000.00 a month).



Region 6 has an unemployment figure of about 20.5 % which is below the national average of 25%


The main characteristics of Region 6 are discussed below:

  • The south-eastern section of this region has the highest income per capita and could be considered the fuel injection of the city.
  • However, there is also a huge concentration of people in the north east quadrant, representing low and no- income groups.
  • It is the region with the greatest development pressure.
  • Decentralised nodes accommodate a wide range of urban facilities.
  • The region is popular in terms of retail as well as office functions as many of the higher category retail and office functions of the City have relocated to this region over the past few years.  Further to this is also the second most important industrialised area in Tshwane situated in Silverton/ Silvertondale/ Waltloo/ Bellevue- area.
  • Suburban areas are mostly low density in nature and the region accommodates a number of Golf and Life Style Estates such as Woodhill, The Hills and Silver lakes. However, there is also a high density area to the north of the region with large areas planned for RDP type development and informal settlements invaded the land before construction of services took place. 
  • The east-west transportation linkages between nodes are saturated during peak hours.
  • The historical radial linkages to the CBD are prominent.
  • There is a high dependency on private motor vehicles, from the southern section of the region, placing an impossible demand on the road infrastructure.  Further to this is a high rail related dependency of the north eastern quadrant to the City Centre.  No south connection is possible.
  • There are also an unusually high dependency on bus travel through the area from the far outlying rural areas e.g. Moutse and Moloto.
  • The Bronberg and the Magaliesberg Mountain range is a major environmental feature running east to west in the northern part of the region. It provides limited thoroughfare, with only two major crossing points.
  • The Moreleta Spruit and its tributaries cover virtually the entire area to the south of the Bronberg, contributing to the well-defined regional open space system of the southern part of the region.
  • Further to the south of the region is the Rietvlei Dam and Nature reserve which is one of the larger open space assets of the City.
  • The region contains a number of strategic land uses including the CSIR, South African National Intelligence Service and the Menlyn Park Retail Node which has a metropolitan function in terms of facilities.
  • The Hatherley landfill site has a metropolitan function in terms of its Strategic nature and size.  No other sites are known for future development in the Metro as yet.
  • The region contains three large private hospitals as well as the Pretoria East Cemetery
  • Almost all the developable land within the southern section of the Region has been developed and the uncontrolled development in the old Kungwini area places a burden on the existing saturated road infrastructure
  • The north-eastern section of the region accommodates mostly low-income communities and industrial land uses.
  • The middle and south-western section of the region accommodates medium to high-income areas with large institutional uses.
  • The northern section of the region includes a number of strategically located undeveloped areas in terms of accessibility and infrastructure which offer significant development potential

    The main structuring elements of the region include:

    • The N1 and N4 Freeways facilitating north-south and east-west regional linkages with the rest of the country.
    • The secondary (mobility) roads including Lynnwood Road, Atterbury Road, Garsfontein Road, radiating from the CBD through the region and Solomon Mahlangu Drive (Hans Strydom) linking the three roads with the N1 in the south and N4 in the north.
    • The Bronberg Mountain limits road linkage with the northern section of the region to only two major crossing points.
    • The Moreleta Spruit and its tributaries covering the entire area forming an interlinked regional open space network.
    • The Rietvlei Nature Area limiting southward expansion of the region.
    • The Urban Edge roughly following the municipal boundaries and currently under pressure due to limited expansion possibilities.
    • The low density rural residential estate – Mooikloof – limits expansion in a south-eastern direction.
    • The Menlyn retail node and Silverton/Waltloo Industrial node within the region plays a further important structuring role in terms of economic development and regional accessibility.
    • Pretoria Road and Stormvoël/Tsamaya Roads are parallel to the N4.
    • Large industrial and vacant land parcels divide the mainly low-income in the north east and the higher income areas to the south.
    • A railway line runs east-west through the region with industrial and residential uses following this line, and a north- south line linking with the huge freight facility near Babsfontein to the south east of the region.
    • The Magaliesberg forms the northern boundary of the region and limits access to the areas north of the mountain.
    • Micheal Brink (Nico Smith)/Stormvoël/Tsamaya Roads provides east-west linkage between the north eastern part of the region and the CBD.
    • Linkage between the north-eastern part of the metro and the CBD is very poor and obstructed by the mountain range.


    In the 2012/13 financial year, the City of Tshwane spent its capex budget for Region 6 on the following service delivery projects:




    712497: Green Buildings Programme – Rietvlei Ablution Facility 1 699 327 91
    712092: 240 Litre Containers 6 531 608 Various wards
    712093: 1 000 Litre Containers 2 631 105 Various wards
    712793: Marketing & Trading Stalls – Mamelodi 1 487 066 38
    710102: Stanza Bopape Library (005) 3 186 603 16
    710692: Upgrading of HM Pitje Stadium (010) 443 360 67
    710692: Upgrading of HM Pitje Stadium (005) 846 569 67
    711439: Solomon Mahlangu Freedom Square 1 962 739 67
    710007: Upgrading of Sewers in Mamelodi 0 23, 28, 93
    710024: Upgrading of  Networks where Diffs Exist 745 561 43
    710026: Replace Worn-out Network Pipes  8 981 057 10, 43
    710411F: Extension of Baviaanspoort WWTW (COT) 12 119 263 6, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 28, 38, 40, 67, 85, 86, 91, 93, 97, 101
    710411F: Extension of Baviaanspoort WWTW (USDG) 10 499 800

    6, 10, 15, 16, 17,18, 23, 28, 38, 40, 67,

    85, 86, 91, 93, 97,101

    710878V: Standpipes Phomolong 3 000 000 40
    710878V: Standpipes Phomolong 2 766 502 40
    711335C: Redundant Bulk Pipeline Infra 0 40, 41, 43
    711335K: Mamelodi Feeder Main 21 701 706 40
    711345: Garsfontein Pipe Reinforcement 928 748 44, 45, 46
    711921A: Purification Plant Upgrade Rietvlei 6 018 604 45, 46, 47
    712121C: Moreletaspruit Outflow 24 710 102 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
    712534B: Garsfontein Reservoir 0 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 47
    712534D: Mooikloof Reservoir 0 91
    712534U: Grootfontein Water Tower 0 91

    CAPEX BUDGET, 2013/14

    For the 2013/14 financial year, the City of Tshwane plans to spend its capex for Region 6 on the following service delivery projects:





    Emergency Services Capital funded from operating budget 3 000 000 43
    Environmental Management Green Buildings Programme 1 900 000 91
    Kleinzonderhout Sustainable Agricultural Village 5 000 000 17
    Health and Social Development Upgrading of Clinic Dispensaries 2 000 000 48
    Parks Two Parks per Ward Programme Citywide budget Citywide


    Regional overview (Soshanguve South)




    Service Infrastructure Upgrading of sewers in Mamelodi 2 000 000 6, 23, 40, 86
    Moreletaspruit: Outfall sewer 30 000 000 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
    Baviaanspoort – upgrade of WWTW 1 300 000 6
    Simon Vermooten – installation of bulk pipe to Swartberg in Eersterust 1 800 000 41,43
    Silverlakes: Outfall sewer 10 000 000 101
    Grootfontein water tower 500 000 91
    Transport Real Rover Road to Serapeng Road 15 000 000 5, 18, 23, 40
    Stormwater drainage, Mahube Valley 1 000 000 10, 17
    Doubling of Simon Vermooten 150,000,000 6, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18,23, 28, 38, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 67
    Flooding backlogs: Mamelodi, Eersterust and Pretoria eastern area 11 000 000 6, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 28, 38, 40, 67, 97
    Transport Collector road backlogs: Mamelodi 48 000 000 86
      Nellmapius transport facilities 3 000 000 15
    Major stormwater system, Mamelodi X 8 10 000 000 17
    Housing Housing, relocation projects Citywide Citywide
    Energy and Electricity – electrification of informal settlements Mamelodi Phase 1 – 1 500 connections 7 500 000 16, 97
    Mamelodi Phases 2 and 3 – 2 300 connections 11 500 000 17
    Mamelodi Phase 4 – 570 connections 2 850 000 17
    Mamelodi X 11 – 1 500 connections 7 500 000 10, 93
    Phomolong – 1 000 connections 5 000 000 40
    Energy and Electricity – street lights Installation of street lights in Mamelodi 1 022 000 15, 16, 17
    Installation of street lights in Moreleta Park 532 000 47
    Installation of high-mast lights in Mamelodi 500 000 10
    High-mast lights – Nellmapius 220 000  
    Street lights – Shere Holdings 700 000 101


    • Electricity and water reconnections (credit control actions)
    • Handling of rates accounts on behalf of customers and sending them to the rates back office
    • Arrangement for overdue accounts at our centres
    • Direct reporting of water leakages on the EasyTask system
    • Direct reporting of power failures and street lights on Powermap system
    • Unblocking prepaid cards directly on Suprima system
    • Increase of debit order limits for customers on SAP system

    Energy and Electricity

    • Weekly removal of illegal connections
    • Attending to and resolving power failures
    • Weekly street light scouting
     EFA projects completed

    Nellmapius X 4

    ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​​​​​​​  
    Tx 1 Dumelago/Emela
    1 Tx 2 Dumelago/Ngaka
    1 Tx 3 Katego/Sebaka
    1 Tx 4  Gontse/Kamogelo
    1 Tx 5 Direlago/Kamogelo
    1 Tx 6 Dirlago/Ngwedi
    1 Tx 07 Tokelo/Modiro
    1 Tx 08 Eletsega/Toejuig
    1 Tx 09 Serumola/Serumola
    1 Tx 10 Lokile/Tsebiso
    1 Tx 11 Morongwa/Dimakatso
    1 Tx 12 Dimakatso/Malebo
    1 Tx 13 Vergewe/Dimakatso
    1 Tx 14 Phedisana/Dimakatso
    1 Tx 15 Mokwadi/Phedisana
    1 Tx 16 Odirile/Mokwad
    1 Tx 17 Rapelang/Mokwad

    Energy and Electricity upgrades

    Jan Niemand Park MS Stegmann/Jan Coetzee
    Murrayfield MS Grace/Trevor
    Murrayfield ODS Shurley/Victor
    Moregloed Tx Kuskoraal
    Mamelodi MS LB12 (Ledwaba-Phahama)
    Mamelodi West X 26 MS RB11 (Modise/Tsomo)
    Mamelodi X 6 MS 07 (Mongana/Mohlakola)
    Mamelodi X 6 MS 09 (Mongana/Motshidi)
    Mamelodi X 8 MS C11 (Magope/Bonyana Street)
    Mamelodi X 10 MS Mabena/Morwa
    Mamelodi X 10 MS 08 (Fenyane/Morwa)
    Mamelodi X 10 MS 09 (Fenyane/Boshielo)
    Mamelodi X 11 MS Tepanyekga/Makaleng
    Mamelodi X 22 Tx Moshumi/Mathengu
    Mamelodi X 22 Tx Mothogwane/Mkhatshlua
    Mamelodi X 22 Tx Kgaudi Tseke/Malatji
    Mamelodi East MS HA7 (Nguni Street)
    Mahube Valley MS C2 (Hlabirwa Street)
    Mahube Valley MS Steve Biko/F Mathebe
    Mahube Valley X 2 302 Mihloti Street
    Mahube Valley X 3 ​​ MS 3447-3448 (SS Mokone/Khulumas)
    Mahube Valley X 3 MS 3813/3814 (A15352 Street/Umulayeso)
    Mahube Valley X 3 MS 3897/3898 (Khomotso Street)
    Nellmapius X 3 MS Kaizer Chiefs/Jomo Cosmos (Cape Town Spurs)



    Mamelodi X 4, Phase 4


    ​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​
    Tx C1-09 (Mohama/Shibala-Kaza)
    1 Tx C1-10 (Nawa/Mohama)
    1 Tx C1-11 (Motsumi/Segwete)
    1 Tx C1-12 (Segwete/Segwete)
    1 Tx C1-13 (Mahlomola/Mahlomols
    1 Tx C1-14 (Ntwa-Dumela/Lerole)

    Sport, Recreation, Arts, Culture, Libraries, Parks and Resorts


    • New Stanza Bopape Library and IT Centre opening imminent
    • 9 libraries entered SABINET competition for community libraries in Gauteng
    • 11 libraries operational in the Region
    • Solomon Mahlangu freedom site project 20% completed by the end of June 2013 
    • Rhinos dehorned at nature reserves to combat poaching
    • First City of Tshwane green building at Rietvlei Nature Reserve completed and operational
    • 34 informal soccer fields scraped
    • Region 6 hosted the City of Tshwane Mayoral Cup finals
    • Region 6 selected to host the City of Tshwane Soccer Cup finals
    • Holiday programmes for the youth presented during the April and June holidays
    • Sports and libraries of Region 6 received SABS ISO 9001 quality certification
    • 1 134 street trees planted in Region 6
    • 900 fruit trees distributed to residents of Hatherley
    • 100 concrete benches plated in various parks in Mamelodi, Nellmapius and Eersterust

    Health, Social Development, Urban Management, Waste Management

    • All City of Tshwane clinics in Region 6 rendering a full TB service in accordance with national TB legislation.
    • Full implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Programme in all City of Tshwane clinics in Region 6
    • 514 550 clinic users until May 2013

    Beneficiaries of programmes for vulnerable groups

    Women 498 Vegetable gardening, sewing projects, support groups, victim empowerment campaign and financial literacy
    Children 1 883 Life skills, care and support, Sundowns Christmas gifts, Child Protection Week and 16 Days of Activism against Children and Women Abuse
    Youths 700 Substance abuse summit, campaigns and 16 June commemoration, life skills, agricultural farming and financial literacy
    Elderly people 634 Health care, exercise groups, gardening, bead work, jewellery making, Christmas party, centenarians celebration and excursions
    People with disabilities 613 Bead work, vegetable gardening, support group, HIV/AIDS training, business training, awareness campaigns and Gauteng Legislature outreach

    Social Development Section

    • Facilitated the Drug and Substance Abuse Indaba to address the problems of drug and substance abuse in the Region
    • Facilitated the handing over of ABSA's donation of  containers to one of the projects of people living with disabilities in Stoffelpark
    • Donated R100 000 grants to nine privately owned ECDs in Region 6
    • Admitted 654 children at the five City of Tshwane ECDs, which received numerous donations and developed the children through educational tours

    Health, Social Development, Urban Management, Waste Management

    • Appointment of contractors (CB317/2012) for the construction of berm strips at Region 6 cemeteries
    • Grave digging tender at adjudication phase

    Waste Management

    • Redistribution of refuse bins in Wards 10 and 40 (1 030 and 1 050 respectively)
    • Clean-up operation for illegal dumping
    • Val de Grace
    • Buffer zone
    • Six-month programme priorities
    • Joint clean-up operations:
      • Mononong Primary School
      • Mamelodi Day Hospital
      • Reneilwe Adult Centre
      • Mabeshane Shopping Complex
      • Japhta Mahlangu


    • A total of  548 families relocated from the main bulk water pipe (Phomolong) to Hatherley Portion 1, 331-JR; another 100 beneficiaries on the new site allocated permanent stands 
    • Altogether 335 beneficiaries of Phase 1 Ward 93 removed from an area with electricity cables to Ward 40, Hatherley Portion 1, 331-JR 
    • New Hatherley Portion 1 families provided with rudimentary services (chemical toilets and water tankers)
    • Some 2 501 title deeds for Nellmapius registered for Extensions 6, 7 and 8; soon to be issued to Nellmapius beneficiaries
    • Operation Reclaim (illegal signage, land-use and visible service delivery) conducted successfully during May and June 2013

    Achievements: Transport Services

    Sewer blockages resolved 5 826
    Water leaks attended 6 969
    Construction repairs 17​

    Water and Sanitation

    From 1 July 2012 until 31 May 2013 the Section attended to operation and maintenance issues, the bulk of work dealing with the clearing of sewer blockages and water leaks.

    Sewer blockages resolved 5 826
    Water leaks attended 6 969
    Construction repairs 17

    Rudimentary stand tap installed at Hatherley informal settlement

    Repair of Phomolong main water supply pipe


    Grass cutting Finalise the procurement of a service provider:  Tender CB211/2009 for cutting of grass Utilisation of EPWP as an interim arrangement
    One central team for high-mast lights Equip Regional Electricity staff with the necessary skill to deal with high-mast lights
    Budget and staff for the establishment of agricultural villages Region in consultation with the central department to generate a plan of action
    Land invasions Fast-track the allocation of RDP houses and formalisation of informal settlements
    Illegal dumping Comprehensive illegal dumping programme for the Region (Region is implementing urban waste management cleansing programme)
    By-law enforcement Establishment of an Integrated Regional By-Law Enforcement Task Team (awareness and enforcement)
    Linking of operational projects to the indigent register to facilitate job creation Indigent register to be used to ensure a reduction in the number of registered indigent people in the Region
    Expiry of tender for grave digging The central department to ensure that new contracts are in place; interim arrangement: EPWP appointments
    Theft/vandalism of City of Tshwane property and infrastructure None
    Budget for waste management not regionalised None​​​​​
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