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Beware of Measles

The Health and Social Development Department of the City of Tshwane would like to draw your attention to the signs and symptoms of measles.

Measles spreads easily from person to person. It is caused by the measles virus and usually affects children who have not been immunised against measles. In the past, measles occurred mostly in children younger than one year, but recently more and more older children and even adults have been falling ill to measles.

How it is spread

The measles virus is spread through coughing and sneezing, especially in crowded areas such as schools, crèches and homes.

Signs of measles

High fever
Fine red rash over the face and body or small red spots
Redness of the eyes
Runny nose

Prevention of measles

The only way to protect your child against measles is immunisation. The vaccine is given after the age of nine months and repeated after 18 months. If
for any reason a child has not been immunised against measles at the age of nine months, the child should be immunised as soon as possible.
The measles vaccine is offered free of charge at all local public health clinics.


There is no specific medical treatment for measles. To help manage the symptoms, which usually last for two weeks, give your child plenty of fluids and encourage extra rest.

When a child complains of the symptoms and shows signs of the disease, go to the nearest clinic or hospital immediately.

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