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Health and Welfare Forum - Objectives and Strategies
Develop and implement a communication strategy for all stake holders Communication within Forum via
- Task team meetings bi- monthly or according to needs
- Executive Committee bi- monthly according to needs.
- Forum meetings quarterly
    - Annual Summit with all stake holders
  Indicators: number of meetings per annum Target: 6   Indicators: number of meetings Target: 6 Indicators: number of meetings per annum Target : 4   Leader of task team MMC MMC Ongoing R15 000
Newsletters 6 monthly to: •  Member organisations •  National + Provincial government Indicators: number of news letters   Target: 2 per annum Inputs from chairperson Executive Committee compile Every 6 months R5 000  
Media Release quarterly (after forum meeting) Indicators: number of media releases Target: 4 MMC Quarterly R10 000  
Annual report to all stake holders Indicators: number of reports Target : 1 Executive Committee Annually 30/6/ each year    
Advise Local Government Reports to CTMM on identified needs and recommendations to ensure services that empower Tshwane Communities Indicator: number of reports Target: 4 Executive Committee Quarterly  
Consult, work with, support and monitor other organisations/individuals Identify the needs for training of members of the forum and advise CTMM for action Needs assessment completed by February 2005 Executive Committee February 2005  
Facilitate the establishment of a capacity building program for members/member organisations based on the needs assessment Capacity building program developed ICD June 2005    
Invite organisations and departments and arrange presentations to the Health and Welfare Forum and Exco on priority issues e.g.   •  Moral regeneration •  Street children /homeless people •  Quality of life of all orphans •  Older persons living a dignified life •  Teenage pregnancy •  Drug Awareness •  Disability awareness •  Nutrition 6 presentations per annum Executive Committee ICD Health Education Ongoing    
Co-ordination of programs in conjunction with the Social Development Department Number of programs implemented Target: 6 per annum Executive Committee Ongoing    
Monitoring and support of member organisations Number of organizations supported Target: 10 per annum Executive Committee Ongoing    
Establish a data base     •  To ensure networking and co-ordination with all relevant internal and external structures Broadening of database of member organisations Indicators: number enrolled Target = 350 Dr Vermaak and IT June 2005  
Establish database with potential external structures •  Funders •  Private sector •  Other forums •  International organisations Target: July 2004 Indicator: % progress Executive Committee      
  Determine service provider groups ito services and geographic location Target: July 2004 Indicator: % progress Executive Committee      
  Forging relationships amongst stakeholders/members Target: Quarterly Forum Meeting Indicator: attendance Executive Committee Ongoing  
Identify potential funding sources and facilitate access   •  To mobilize financial resources to address the identified needs for functioning of the Health and Development Social Welfare Forum Identify and establish a database of potential funders Provincial and National Government •  Private Sector •  International donors Target: October 2004 Indicator: number of potential funders identified Executive Committee and officials (support)    
Development of business plans for specific projects to submit to funders Target: October 2004 Indicators: % progress Task teams and officials (support)      
  Advise member organisation on potential available funding Target: November 2004 Executive Committee and officials (support)    
Build partnerships and networks between Civil Society and Local Government   •  To challenge the Private sector to participate in the work of the forum Mobilize private sector Interest in Health and Welfare projects Indicators: how many news letters distributed quarterly Target: 100% of companies reached Executive Committee Ongoing  
  Survey with list of projects for companies to indicate their interest Link with database Executive Committee    
  Advocate for private companies to become members of the forum (news letter + application form) Indicators: number of companies to enrol Target: 100% of companies to enrol Executive Committee    

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