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Municipality Courts

Services offered by the courts include:

  • Providing information on traffic fines
  • Providing information on By-Laws
  • Responding by giving results on the public representation on their traffic fines
  • Providing assistance by the public prosecutor
  • Checking outstanding fines of the individual
  • Prosecuting traffic and By-law offenders
  • Providing a good customer service through answering enquiries via telephone and public counter


For service enquiries in the following areas

  • Centurion court: Danie Burger 012 358 3621
  • Pretoria North - Winternest court: Sam Rabakele 012 358 9786; Gideon Visser 012 358 9774; Winternest Info desk 012 358 9822/9788
  • Central (Rondalia building): Alta Fourie 012 358 7049; Salomé van Zyl 012 358 7077
  • By-law enquiries: 012 358 7436


Functions, Operations and Administration
Prosecution at Municipal Courts

Section 179 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108 of 1996), read with the National Prosecuting Authority Act, 1998 (Act 32 of 1998), as amended, provides for a single national prosecuting authority in the Republic of South Africa. Section 112 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), provides as follows:

"Prosecution of offences – A staff member of a Municipality authorized in terms of section 22(8)(b) of the National Prosecuting Authority Act, 1998 (Act 32 of 1998), to conduct the prosecutions, may institute criminal proceedings and conduct the prosecutions in respect of a contravention of or failure to comply with a provision of


  • a by-law or regulation of the Municipality
  • other legislation administered by the Municipality
  • other legislation as the National Director of Public Prosecutions may determine in terms of section 22(8) (b) of the National Prosecuting Authority Act, 1998."


Tshwane Municipal Courts deal with the following By-Laws:

  • Public amenities By-law
  • Street Trading By-Law
  • Parking Meter By-Law
  • Solid Waste By-Law
  • Cemetery By-Law


The violation of the above By- Laws may lead to criminal charges of fraud. The public prosecutor is the only person who may deal with charges against defendants.

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