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Tshwane Bus Services

Bus Tariffs

Tshwane Bus Services Guide

Tariffs: Tickets are issued subject to by-laws and regulations.

Bus routes and timetables

Composition of the Bus Time-Table

The bus routes are introduced clockwise from Colbyn, Helen Joseph (Church) street East onwards in the bus time-table. The reason for the composition of the bus time-table in this format, is that passengers have a variety of bus routes which travel in the same direction.

For example - A person wants to travel to the c/o Johann- & Stanza Bopape (Church) street in Arcadia. He can use a Silverton, Meyerspark, Murrayfield or Colbyn bus of which all the route information follow each other in the bus time-table


Tel: 012 358 0839/0840/0233/0214/1439

Municipal Buses

May Be Hired During Off-Peak Hours
For Particulars Apply To:

Manager: Municipal Transport Services

1 Francis Baard Street
P.O. Box 890
Tel: 012 327 5273/358 0229
Fax: 012 358 0229

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