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Groenkloof Nature Reserve






In the 1820s, Mzilikazi arrived in this beautiful valley, by which time the BaKwena had already driven the San out. He stayed at Meintjieskop while his impis built two of his cities in the area. The women used to fetch water from the Apies River and called it Enzwabuhlungu. This means "something that hurts" which refers to the sharp dolomite rock that hurt their feet. The Sotho name is Entsabohloko and refers to the circumcision rites where the young men of the tribe used to stand in the water during the ceremony.


On 25 February 1895, President Paul Kruger proclaimed the valley on the southern outskirts of Pretoria as a game sanctuary – this was the first game sanctuary on the African continent. Its main purpose was to protect the large herds of animal on the outskirts of town from hunters who were responsible for their demise, as well as to protect the shy and timid Oribi that occurred here.


In 1910, portions of the area were rented out for the establishment of commercial wood plantations because of the wood and paper shortages due to the world war.


By the late 1950s, the City Council of Pretoria became the owner of the area. In 1994, the reserve became the responsibility of the Department of Nature Conservation and preparations were started to release game again. 1999 was the year where impala, kudu, blue wildebeest and ostrich were reintroduced on to the reserve and 2002 saw the release of giraffe and red hartebeest.


Currently, big clean-up operations are being done to restore this area to its original vegetation of woody bushed.




Groenkloof Nature Reserve offers many different activities for nature lovers just 5 km outside the city centre.


Hiking trails:                        3,7 km hike (White trail)

                                                4,8 km hike (Red trail)

10,5 km hike (Yellow trail)


Horse trails:                         Day trails: Two- to four-hour guided horse trail

                                                Overnight trails: Maximum four hours per day


Night drive:                          ± Two-hour night drive, including lapa use


Mountain bike trail:           ± 25 km trail: A single and jeep track is available                                              for experienced and novice riders

Helmets are compulsory: No helmet, no ride


4×4 route:                             ± 14 km (interpretation route)


Picnic area:                          Exclusively to relax after one of the trails (please          bring own braai wood)




Overnight facilities are available for hiking, the 4×4 route and mountain biking. The Bamber youth camp is available for youth groups of up to 60 persons and a guest house is available for six people.



Entrance fees

Please note: Groenkloof Nature Reserve is a cash-free zone.


Day tariff Adults (18 years and older) R51,00
Pensioners (60 years and older) and persons with disabilities R32,00
School children (7 to 17 years) R32,00
Preschool children (3 to 6 years) R17,00
Infants (0 to 2 years) Free
4×4 nature trail Per vehicle R138,00
Recovery fee R575,00
Overnight facilities Overnight hut (sleeps 12 people) Per person R116,00
Bamber youth camp (sleeps 30 people) Per person R126,00
Per child R88,00
Per guide R242,00
Lapa hire 1 to 15 people   R1 090,00
16 to 30 people R1 886,00
31 to 60 people R2 725,00
Crockery hire 0 to 25 people R729,00
26 to 50 people R1 100,00
51 to 75 people R1 495,00
Refundable damage deposit for crockery hire R1 287,00
Self-catering accommodation house 2 (maximum of six people) Per person, per night R927,00

Per person, per night

If used on a same-day, booking and occupation basis (if the booking is not made in advance)

Mountain biking Adults (18 years and older) R51,00
Pensioners (60 years and older) and persons with disabilities R32,00
School children (7 to 17 years) R32,00
Preschool children (3 to 6 years) R17,00
Infants (0 to 2 years) Free
Tractor drive Per child R44,00
Film shoots Commercial film recordings (advertising, movies, music videos, etc) R1 495,00

Professional photo shoot

Per shoot, per day plus entrance fee per person

Engagements, weddings, matric farewells, etc R139,00
Group or terrain hire Rental of grounds for large groups (excluding lapas) for a maximum of 100 persons R10 350,00
Environmental education Guide R80,00
Children of schoolgoing age R46,00
Day group per person R46,00
Adult accompanying group, per adult R89,00
Guided day hike Per person (± four-hour hike) R80,00
Day hiking trail Per guide extra R242,00
Night drive
Per person (minimum 10, maximum 22 persons) R169,00
Horse trail Day trail: Two hours (per person) R184,00
Day trail: One hour (per person) R126,00
City light/moonlight trail: Three hours (4 to 8 persons) R138,00
Pony rides: 10 minutes (children under 12 years) R51,00

Monthly tickets

(for day visitors)

Adults (18 years and older) R313,00
Pensioners (60 years and older) and persons with disabilities R214,00
School children (7 to 18 years) R214,00
Preschool children (younger than 6 years) R71,00
Annual tickets Adults (18 years and older) R1 167,00
Per child (2 to 12 years) R441,00
Per child (13 to 15 years) R727,00
Per child (16 to 17 years) R961,00
Family of four (two adults and two children) R1 138,00
Family of two (one adult and one child) R564,00

Bookings and contact numbers

Booking are only necessary for the overnight facilities (made two weeks in advance) and if a guide is required for a hiking trail.

Visiting hours

  • Summer (September to April): 06:00 to 18:00
  • Winter (May to August): 06:00 to 18:00

Entry to the nature reserve will only be allowed until one hour before closing time.

 Please note: Groenkloof Nature Reserve is a cash-free zone.


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