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Zwartkops Resort

Zwartkops Resort

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Zwartkops Resort, Wierda Road, Centurion

As an area of undeveloped land situated on the banks of the Hennops river, this site is used for recreational purposes.



  • Picnic area
  • Bird watching
  • Mountain biking (no set trails)
  • Undercover shelter (closed lapa for private functions)
  • Barbeque facilities
  • Children`s play Parks
  • Hiking (no set trails)
  • Shaded open area
  • Natural landscape



Telephone:    012 358 1740/012 666 7130

Fax:                012 666 0923




Admission per person


0 to 1 year (infant)                                                                                       Free of charge

2 to 6 years (preschool)                                                                              R15

7 to 17 years (child)                                                                                     R23

18 and older (adult)                                                                                     R37

60 years and older (including persons with disabilities)                              R23


Dog walking


Per person                                                                                                    R37



Admission fee per group


Minibus                                                                                                          R480

Coaster                                                                                                          R880

Large bus                                                                                                      R1 750

Double-decker bus (more than 30 passengers)                                            R3 500


Annual tickets (valid for 12 months (not exceeding 25 visits per annum))


Per adult (18 years and older)                                                                      R720

Per child (7 to 17 years)                                                                                R320

Per preschool child (2 to 6 years)                                                                 R175

Per infant                                                                                                      Free of charge

Per family (maximum of 6 persons)                                                              R1 710

Per club (maximum of 20 persons)                                                               R5 075

Per adult (60 years and older including persons with disabilities)                 R480


Booking of resort for function


Large groups excluding lapa (maximum of 500 persons)                             R10 700

Non-refundable deposit payable when the booking is made                        R4 280


Caravan Park (tariffs payable in advance)


Per tent or caravan (with 4 persons or less)

1 to 6 nights                                                                                                  R185

7 to 13 nights                                                                                                R175

14 to 60 nights                                                                                              R155

30 nights, per month                                                                                     R4 650


If there are more than 4 persons, an additional amount per person will be payable

1 to 6 nights                                                                                                  R43

7 to 13 nights                                                                                                R38

14 to 60 nights                                                                                              R36

Discounts for Caravan Park


Persons 60 years and older (proof to be produced)                                     30%

Organised gatherings (11 to 29 caravans per gathering)                             15%

Organised gatherings (30 caravans and more per gathering)                      30%


Maximum camping period: 60 days per calendar year per responsible person or living unit


Lapas, marquees and power points


Zwartkops Lapa (Capacity: 200 persons)                                                   R3 200

Refundable damage payable                                                                      R895

Total amount payable                                                                                  R4 095

(50% discount when the same person books for both the Friday and Saturday)


Zwartkops Lapa (hourly daytime rate)                                                        R400

Erecting of marquee tent per day (applicant must provide own tent)         R405

Light poles with power points (no free admission fee)                               R265

Per person to visit lapa (if approved capacity is exceeded)                       R37




A 50% discount can be granted on the lapa or shelter if it is used on a same-day, booking-and-occupation basis. Guests must also pay the appropriate admission fee in such cases.




The Director: Resorts Operations or his/her proxy may alter the above-mentioned non-refundable damage deposits for functions that, according to his/her discretion and based on previous experience, hold a risk for the City of Tshwane.

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