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Welcome to City of Tshwane

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  • Modern facilities that bring fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the country to the people of Tshwane.
  • The whole spectrum of fresh produce that our country produces.
  • Spin-offs from the business on the market, such as other business that people from all over the country bring to Tshwane
  • A marketing system that ensures prices that are to the benefit of both consumers and farmers.
  • A system ensures that all fresh produce are FRESH and HEALTHY. Quality control on the floor on a daily basis, followed by direct communication with producers in the event of deviations and other problems.
  • Employment to 162 people, but indirectly to thousands more. No burden to the taxpayer as the market is self-supporting.
  • The market is self-supporting and no burden to taxpayers.
  • Also visit the housewives market, the egg depot, flower shop, liquor store and meat market on our premises.


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