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Strategic Core Functions of the Chief whip

The strategic core functions of the Office of the Chief Whip

  • Ensure general discipline within the legislature, chamber and house
  • Communicate the legislative agenda to members and councillors
  • Manage the allocation of councillors to portfolio and other statutory committees and bodies
  • Coordinate the scheduling and compilation of the legislative agenda with the Speaker and Executive Mayor
  • Act as link between the Executive Mayor and the party and/or legislature
  • Manage the Whippery
  • Protect the party line during debates
  • Protect party members during debates and ensure fair treatment
  • Generally assist (the Speaker) to maintain order and decorum within the legislature
  • Negotiate voting positions between various parties
  • Ensure councillor performance within Council
  • Manage the use of office and meeting space by councillors and political parties
  • Grant leave of absence to councillors from meetings of Council and committees
  • Determine the developmental needs of councillors in consultation with party whips and develop a training programme for councillors
  • Provide administrative support to councillors
  • Provide strategic research support to councillors
  • Facilitate and manage councillor wellness support programmes