Cremation service

This is a method of final disposition of a deceased body by means of burning. The process entails using intense heat to turn the remains of a person who has died into ashes.

 The crematorium is located in Rebecca Street, Pretoria West. A small chapel is available for a funeral or memorial service. Contact number: 012 327 4825

The client or appointed undertaker may approach the City for one or more of the following:

  • Cremation service
  • Reopening of a grave for burial of ashes
  • Placement of ashes in the wall of remembrance or ash berm
  • Tombstone application

The date and time of the cremation is confirmed between the City and the applicant, subject to the work schedule.

The proof of payment and relevant documents are submitted by the applicant and serve as the basis for confirmation of cremation arrangements between the applicant and City.

On the day of the cremation, the cremated remains are checked to ensure that they are in the required state. The ashes are then placed in a container and stored in a dedicated cabinet awaiting collection