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Support Groups and Meetings

The City’s municipal clinics refer people who are on long-term treatment to community-based support groups and non-governmental organisations that deal with HIV and TB, as well as substance abuse.

Closed groups focus on one common problem that affects all group members, for example people who are helping each other to take treatment correctly (treatment adherence clubs).

Open support groups look at different problems shared by group members about themselves or their family members. Family members, friends or colleagues can also join open support groups on invitation to get the information they need to support an affected person or for their own benefit.

Support groups share information on any topic that members might need, such as the following:

  • Living positively with HIV AIDS
  • How to take treatment correctly (HIV, TB or any other chronic condition)
  • The side effects of treatment and how to deal with these
  • How to support each other to cope with HIV AIDS and/or TB, or any incurable condition
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Dealing with bereavement
  • Substance abuse

New information can be shared by members or a professional as per members’ request.

Support group meetings are conducted in homes, churches, schools, taverns, HIV regional offices, clinics or any venue chosen by support group members.