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Building Plans and Inspection

Property owners can request a copy of their building plans from the City. However, the City of Tshwane is not legally obliged to keep copies of approved building plans. This responsibility legally rests with the owner of the property.

To request a copy of a building plan, kindly send a request to email address.
Building inspections are carried out to ensure that all formal construction in Tshwane complies with the National Building Regulations and conforms to the conditions of the approved building plans or documents.

When a plan has been approved, the owner must request an inspection from the City before construction commences. Building inspectors will conduct compulsory inspections at various stages of the construction in accordance with the approved plans.
Building inspectors conduct inspections during or after construction of a structure, and they will take action against any deviations and non-compliance in terms of the approved plans. They also issue occupancy certificates, provide expert advice to the general public and attend to building-related complaints.
To request a building inspection where construction is in progress, send an email to email address.

The following documents are available to view or download: