Internal water leak

Assistance is provided by the City of Tshwane to residential properties with an internal leak. A claim for the water loss, subject to certain conditions, may be submitted for an undetected water leak (non-visible leak).

An invoice from the plumber should be made available to the City to institute a claim against its insurers. 

Conditions and requirements 

  1. If the customer has alternative insurance cover, he/she should first attempt to claim on that policy. 
  1. A claim is instituted by submitting a letter and an invoice for the leak(s) repaired. The invoice must provide details of the repair work carried out and materials used.
  1. The letter must include the following information:
  • City of Tshwane account number
  • Type and location of the leak (NO geysers, toilets or any leaks in the house or in walls)
  • Date of repair
  • A sketch or photograph that indicates where the leak was (between the water meter and the connection point of the house)
  • Contact details of the customer
  • Declaration that a claim was not submitted under any short-term insurance (if the customer has an alternative policy and the claim was unsuccessful, he/she should provide evidence thereof)
  • Indicate if the leak was above ground or underground
  • An affidavit that a leak was repaired, stamped at the nearest South African Police Service station to the property to certify that the information is a true declaration
  1. Only one claim per event is allowed annually.
  1. The amount payable per claim is subject to the following:
  • Repair work: R1 000,00 maximum
  • Water loss: R2 000,00 maximum


Customers should note that the actual amount payable for water loss (to a maximum of R2 000,00 as per Point 5 above) is calculated by the City’s Group Financial Services. Calculations are based on consumption records. Actual repair costs are refunded to a maximum of R1 000,00.

The water loss policy does not cover the following: 

Consequential loss of any description, such as damage to any other property belonging to the customer as a result of the leak.

Any legal liability of any nature, such as legal claims for damage, injury or loss of person or property related to the customer as a result of the water leak.

Claim procedure 

The letter and invoice can be submitted to Group Financial Services as follows:

Via post

City of Tshwane

Group Financial Services

Divisional Head: Revenue Management

PO Box 408



By hand

Brenda Ngonyama

1st floor

Middestad Building

252 Thabo Sehume Street


Via email

Please take care to clearly mark all correspondence as follows:

For attention:

Brenda Ngonyama, Revenue Consultant: Metering and Invoicing Services Section

Tel: 012 358 8532