Trading Requirements

You need to apply for a business licence if you –

  • conduct a business selling or supplying consumers with any food in the form of meals for consumption on or off the business premises or any perishable food;
  • provide or operate certain health services and facilities; or
  • operate a place of entertainment.

Examples of businesses required to have a business licence

(Please note that the list is not comprehensive.)

Food Industry

Health and Entertainment Sector

Accommodation establishment (guest house)

Turkish baths, saunas or other health baths


Providing massages or infrared treatment

Fishmonger or fish fryer

Making the services of an escort, whether male or female, available to any other person

Fruit and vegetable grocer

Keeping three or more mechanical, electronic or electrical contrivances, instruments, apparatus or devices which are designed or used for the purpose of the playing of any game or for the purpose of recreation or amusement, and the operation of which involves the payment of any valuable consideration, either by the insertion of a coin, token or disc therein or in an appliance attached thereto or in any other manner

General dealer

Keeping three or more snooker or billiard tables

Milk shop

Keeping or conducting a night club or discotheque


Keeping or conducting a cinema or theatre


Conducting adult premises, as referred to in Section 24 of the Films and Publication Act, 1996 (Act 65 of 1996)


Food manufacturer

Vegetable and plant dealer

Tuck shop


Home enterprise