To report a vehicle crash/ accident please contact 012 358 7095/6.

You can request a copy of Accident Report at No. 11 Francis Baard Street at a fee of R120.30.

By-law policing

Violating by-laws is a punishable offence and can be reported by contacting the TMPD 24-hour contact number on 012 358 7095/7096

  • You can report the following violations:
  • Illegal electricity connections
  • Illegal connections to the water supply system
  • Illegal dumping of waste.
  • Noise complaints
  • Illegal street trading
  • Illegal advertising

Crime prevention

Services offered are visible policing which includes patrols and attending to all complaints.

Service Contact details

Report criminal activities 012 358 7095/6.

Land invasion, public order policing (crowd control), drug unit, cable theft 012 358 2124/1932

Scholar patrols, school visits, education and awareness campaigns and/or exhibitions 012 358 7095/6

TMPD Vehicle Pound

Vehicles that are impounded by the TMPD breakdown are taken to Nr 1 Madiba Street, Pretoria.

Vehicles will be impounded when:

  • parked in a No Parking zone
  • parked on a pavement and obstructing pedestrian movement
  • when a driver is arrested
  • during vehicle accidents for safe keeping where the driver is unconscious

The fee payable to release a vehicle is R1 893.

Only debit or credit card payments allowed at the TMPD Pound, Nr 1 Madiba Street

Cash payments can be made at the TMPD 24-hour service centre and the receipt must be brought to the TMPD Pound. 

An AARTO fine will also be issued for the offence committed upon the release of the vehicle.

Vehicles that are not collected within 24 hours will accumulate a storage fee of R76 per day.

Contact details for the TMPD Pound is 012 358 5917