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Waste Collection

The Waste Management Division is composed of the following sections:

•  Waste Management Operations (Regions 1, 2, 5 and 7)
•  Waste Management Operations (Regions 3, 4 and 6)
•  Waste Removal Policy Standards and Regional Support
•  Landfills and Transfer Station Management
•  Alternative Waste Treatment Technology
•  Bulk Waste Services

The Waste Management Division is responsible for the following core functions:

•  Collecting and transporting general waste to disposal facilities on a daily and weekly basis
•  Cleaning public spaces (picking up litter, preventing and clearing illegal dumping sites)
•  Managing waste disposal facilities
•  Minimising waste
•  Recycling
•  Providing a bulk waste collection service – collecting and transporting bulk waste
•  Implementing policies, strategies, models, norms and standards 

Services/key performance areas 

SectionResponsibilitiesKey projects/initiativesDocuments to be uploaded
Waste Management Operations (Regions 1, 2, 5, 7 and Regions 3, 4 and 6)

Collecting and transporting general waste

Cleaning public areas

  • Collecting and transporting waste to disposal facilities (daily and weekly)
  • Picking up litter and preventing and clearing illegal dumping sites
  • Supplying waste containers (240 ℓ and 1 000 ℓ bins)
Bin application forms
Waste Removal Policy Standards and Regional SupportDeveloping and reviewing the waste management policy, strategies, models, and norms and standards
  • Implementing the Waste Management By-law
  • Processing applications for waste transportation permits
  • Facilitating the household waste standardisation programme
  • Integrated Waste Management Plan
  • Waste Management By-law
  • Waste transportation permit application forms
Landfills and Transfer Station ManagementManaging and maintaining the landfill sites, garden refuse sites and transfer stations
  • Managing operations at landfill sites
  • Ensuring landfill rehabilitation, care and maintenance
  • Managing garden refuse sites and transfer stations
  • List and addresses of landfill sites, garden refuse sites and transfer stations
  • Landfill site application forms
Alternative Waste Treatment TechnologyPromoting waste minimisation and the reuse, recycling and recovery of waste
  • Rolling out development of buy-back centres in regions
  • Monitoring and managing the operations of the buy-back centres
  • Promoting waste separation at source
  • Facilitating education and awareness in support of waste minimisation
  • Integrating informal waste recyclers into the waste management sector
  • Promoting waste minimisation and recycling initiatives

Communication of waste minimisation initiatives and programmes


Bulk Waste ServicesCollecting and transporting bulk waste containers
  • Collection and transportation of bulk waste to landfill sites (4 m3 – 30 m3 containers)
  • Rental of bulk waste containers (4 m3 – 30 m3 containers)
Bulk waste service application form

Key staff and contact details

AbelMalakaDivisional Head: Waste Management Division012 358 0605/8801
MogadimeDineoSenior Secretary: Office of the Divisional Head: Waste Management Division012 358 8801

Acting Director: Regional Waste Removal Policy Compliance

Waste Management Region 4 and 6

012 358 5616

Director: Bulk Waste Services

Waste Management Region 3

012 358 1310/2339
SwartAngeliqueSecretary: Bulk Waste Services012 358 2339
NgatiMosidiDirector: Landfills and Transfer Station Management012 358 0277/7663
MathlobogoaneTiisetsoSecretary: Waste Disposal Site Management012 358 7663
MapholoDineoDirector: Alternative Waste Treatment Technology012 358 1665

Director: Waste Management

Regions 1, 2, 5 and 7

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