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Application to Upgrade or downgrade the existing Electricity Supply

Who qualifies to apply?

The consumer must be the registered owner of the stand or erf, or must be duly appointed by the registered owner of the stand or erf.

Requirements and conditions to apply

  • The consumer must pay property rates.
  • There must be an existing physical electricity connection on the site.

Documents required

  • Proof of stand ownership or proxy letter issued by the owner
  • Account statement from the City of Tshwane
Downgrade of maximum demand to 80 A or less:R3 640,40 (excluding VAT)
All downgrades of an existing standard service that require changing of meters and circuit breaker size:R1 566,50 (excluding VAT)
Downgrade of existing three-phase connection (80 A or less):R3 431,7 (excluding VAT)