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Third Party Claims

Claims Management Unit, located with Group Legal and Secretariat Services Department, handles all delictual claims instituted against the City of Tshwane by Third Parties. Claims may be submitted directly to this Unit for investigation and finalization. In order to properly investigate and assess a claim, the following information/documents must be submitted together with the claim form:

1. Identity Copy of the owner of property/vehicle
2. Three quotations or an invoice,
3. Copy of Utility Bill ( Rates and Taxes)
4. Photos depicting damage, if relevant,
5. Photos depicting pothole, manhole or object that caused damage to the vehicle – photo must also show the location/vicinity/area;
6. A letter from your Insurer confirming that you did not claim from your insurer or an affidavit from Police Station confirming that you don’t have insurance;
7. Detail explanation of what happened.