Housing Programmes

There are various government-subsidised housing programmes to assist citizens with their housing needs.

Ownership Options

Fully subsidised (RDP) housing

 This option involves houses that have been built by the government and are given to low-income families. Government-subsidised houses are owned, not rented, by beneficiaries. To qualify for an RDP house you must meet the National Housing Subsidy Scheme criteria.

 Finance-linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) housing

FLISP was developed by the Department of Human Settlements in partnership with the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) and provides sustainable and affordable first-time homeownership opportunities to South African citizens and legal permanent residents earning between R3 501 and R22 000 per month (the “affordable” or “gap” market).

 Community residential units (CRUs)

These are for households that earn less than R3 500 per month. CRUs are for rent and not for sale.

 For more information or to register on the NHNR: contact the office below:

Gauteng Department of Human Settlements (Tshwane Region)

1st Floor

Gilboa Building

50 Hamilton Street


Tel: 012 303 3380/3363

 Rental options

The affordable housing rental programme caters for people earning a gross income of between R3 501 and R7 500. This category can rent space in municipal high-rise buildings which consist of a bachelor, a one-bedroom or two-bedroom flats. There are also freestanding houses which consist of two-bedrooms and three-bedrooms.

Social housing

Social housing rentals are for people earning a gross income of between R5 500 and R15 000 per month.

Rentals for the self-sufficient elderly

The self-sufficient elderly programme caters for South African pensioners over the age of 60. Self-sufficient units consist of bachelor flats and one-bedroom semi-detached houses.