It’s time to update the software of your prepaid electricity meter

In 2024, the software that runs your prepaid electricity meter will expire. Without the upgrade, customers will not be able to recharge their meters with new tokens and will be left without electricity.

The City of Tshwane is preparing to upgrade its current prepaid metering software systems, both PCMA and Suprima, to comply with the required updates in order to continue functioning after 2024.

This upgrade is required due to a limitation of the old software that was a function of its security measures. The upgrading initiative aims to address all meter challenges encountered by customers and to ensure that the City has accurate customer data.

Updating will cost R5,2 million. Once our servers are updated, we will begin updating customers’ meters as part of a year-long project. It is anticipated that the process will be completed by the end of 2023, which will ensure that the project is complete before the upgrade is needed, allowing customers to transition smoothly with no challenges.

Upgrading your meter means more ways to save. With advanced capabilities, power and energy meters provide you with improved reliability, efficiency and power monitoring abilities. You can access the data you need to improve the performance of your facility.

The City of Tshwane’s move to prepaid metering is in line with a national directive to move all municipal electricity metering to a prepaid system, as well as City of Tshwane by-laws which were enacted in 2017 in alignment with the directive.

We will continue to update and improve our metering solutions and ensure that it works for our residents and for the City.

Customers should be vigilant and only allow technicians and contractors who carry authentic identification into their homes.

We urge residents to assist their family members with updates where possible, especially elderly family members and those living with disabilities.

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