No permit, no entry principle at City of Tshwane waste disposal facilities

From 10 April 2023 onwards, the City of Tshwane will only allow valid waste transportation permit holders access to its waste disposal sites.

It is therefore time to apply for a permit. The City’s Waste Management By-law requires that all transporters of waste operating within the jurisdiction of the City of Tshwane apply for a waste transportation permit that is renewable annually from the date of application, in line with approved tariffs.

The implementation of the no permit, no entry principle at the City’s waste disposal facilities is part of the City’s regulatory frameworks which seek to ensure compliance with its prescripts and that waste is managed in a sustainable manner. In turn, this will enable the efficient management and operation of the City’s waste disposal sites and ensure proper control and management of the incoming volume of waste.

It must be emphasised that only vehicles with 1 tonne or 1 000 kg capacity and above are required to apply for a waste transportation permit. Private residents who are manning their gardens and generate waste material that is less than 1 tonne once a week are not required to apply for this permit and can access these facilities free of charge.

For those who have not yet applied for a permit, application forms are available at the City’s garden refuse sites, transfer stations and landfill sites or on the website at www.tshwane.gov.za. Completed application forms can be sent to wastemanagement@tshwane.gov.za.

All waste transportation applications must be accompanied by the following:

  • Copy of identity document or company registration documents
  • Proof of residential address (water and lights account statement, rates and taxes account statement or rental lease agreement)
  • Vehicle(s) registration documents

Once an application has been approved, the permit disc must be clearly displayed on the vehicle, as per the provisions of the by-law.

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