Update: Installation of pump and motor at Bronkhorstspruit Water Treatment Plant expected to be completed this evening

The installation of the pump and motor at Bronkhorstspruit Water Treatment Plant is currently progressing well and completion is expected this evening.

If the installation is successful, a few tests will be run, and if the outcome is positive, pumping will commence in earnest.

Once pumping has commenced, which is expected to take place either later tonight or earliest tomorrow morning, it will take a few days for the system to recover and stabilise before the full water supply is restored to all the areas in Region 7.

The City will continue balancing the system by switching the current supply between areas in order to ensure an equitable distribution of the water supply. Water tankers will also continue to be dispatched to the affected areas.

Plans are still firmly on track, glitches notwithstanding, to restore the water supply to the distraught residents of Region 7, as per the commitments and undertakings made by the City.

The City understands the frustration that these residents have endured for a prolonged period and appreciates their patience during this very difficult period.

The City is working on a long-term plan to not just repair the pumps in the event of a breakdown, but to entirely replace the current ones. To this end, two new pumps will be ordered for the plant, and additional capacity will be sourced for the technical skills required to improve the management of the plant.

The City is embarking on erecting a new fence around the plant to better secure the plant and prevent access, which we suspect is conducive to sabotage and arson. A contractor has already visited the site to conduct an assessment and will furnish the City with a quotation.

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