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Tshwane Water Security Strategy

The Tshwane-Aarhus collaboration on sustainable water management yielded a vibrant week of discussions on the development of the Tshwane Water Security Strategy. This took place from 11 to 15 March 2024 at the Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria.

The programme involved City representatives that have been nominated by their departments to lead the development of the strategy. The week’s purpose was to finalise the situational analysis, which assists us in determining the key challenges and risks that undermine our water security and to start crafting a 30-year strategy to create a water-secure future. This included examining megatrends that help us project a future that we may be facing, how we could address these trends and a vision to create a roadmap towards the future we want.

The programme also included a couple of site visits to remind us of our extraordinary water legacy, such as the origin of the Apies River and the boreholes within Rietvlei Nature Reserve. A significant element of the Tshwane Water Security Strategy is to augment our own resources and reduce our dependence on external bulk water supply. This exposure reminded us of the role of water in the development and growth of Tshwane.

This workshop was one of several engagements that will be held over the next year as the City diligently develops an inclusive and balanced strategy for a water-secure city.

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