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Parks and Horticulture

We invite you to experience the best of the City of Tshwane’s magnificent parks and nature resorts.

The aim of this service is to conserve and utilise Tshwane’s nature areas, and also promote and maintain outdoor leisure facilities, such as our resorts and swimming pools, in a way that will benefit residents and visitors to the city. For more information on Tshwane’s nature reserves, please visit www.naturefriends.org.za .  

Plants, trees and wildlife
 The City of Tshwane’s geographical location and landscape make for a favourable natural environment to support a diversity of trees, plants and small wildlife. The City strives to manage its natural environment responsibly, and to deliver quality of life to all communities.

Key Objectives

In line with the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act 1983, and amended regulations 15 and 16 as promulgated in March 2001, the City of Tshwane has activated programmes to manage foreign and invader plants, since these plants threaten environmental sustainability in Tshwane.
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