Are the electricity tariffs more expensive for prepaid meters?

No, electricity tariffs are the same for prepaid meters and conventional meters.

Are these meters bidirectional (able to feed electricity back into the grid)? 

The City of Tshwane has tariffs that allow customers to feed electricity back into the grid. This can only be done by installing a bidirectional meter and arranging for an inspection by a City of Tshwane electrical inspector for approval of the embedded generation system that was installed. After approval, customers will receive a bidirectional meter with two registers. The customer then buys electricity at the applicable tariff for the import register from the City. The customer will receive a NERSA-approved 11,99 c/kWh on the export register, as per the current tariff structure.

Currently, customers are not allowed to feed electricity back into the City of Tshwane grid without the City’s approval. The main reason is the danger it can cause to City personnel. Many systems that are installed do not have the correct technology that automatically disconnects when feeding back to a de-energised grid.

Customers illegally feeding back electricity can be held responsible for any injuries, death or damages that occur. Enquiries about embedded generation and applications can be forwarded to

Can users who are visually impaired use the system? 

Visually impaired users may need some assistance in processing electricity credits. Should a customer indicate that he/she is not comfortable with the procedures, the installation will not be completed at this stage.

If I go to an office and apply for a meter today, how long is the turnaround time for installation? 

If a customer goes to any customer care centre and applies and pays for a prepaid meter, the City should issue a job card for the installation of the meter within seven days of the application.

If there are any delays, it will be due to information coming from different customer care centres that needs to be updated on the SAP system. Each customer’s information is then migrated to the prepaid metering system for the meter to be allocated for installation.

Each single-phase meter is preloaded with 5 kWh for commissioning and to allow the consumer to load more electricity credits. The customer is able to buy electricity credits through various third-party vendors and at the City’s customer care walk-in centres.


If I become a “regular defaulter”, does this push me higher up in the queue for installation? 

Customers who are covered under the defaulter programme are notified through information received from Group Financial Services, therefore defaulters will be subjected to credit control measures 

When a prepaid meter is installed, customers will be issued with a new keypad that comes with a manual on how to operate it. 

Electricity units can be purchased from City of Tshwane pay points at customer care centres, through your bank using your banking app or visit any of the following banks and retailers:

  • BLD Blu-approved devices
  • Footprint
  • Shoprite
  • Pick n Pay
  • Spar
  • ABSA, FNB, Capitec, Old Mutual, African Bank and Investec
  • Engen, BP, Shell and Sasol filling stations
  • UniPIN

There are two different prepaid meters that the City is currently using.

  1. Hexing Prepaid Meter.

After installing the meter on the meter box, an Electrician will present you with a CUC (customer interface unit)/ keypad, a user manual and a card with a meter number on it.

The keypad must be plugged into the wall plug inside the house, for the meter and the keypad to communicate with each other as they communicate using PLC (power line communication).

  • A Prepaid meter comes preloaded with 5kwh. Then after, you can purchase more units at the above listed points.
  • Present a meter number to the seller.
  1. Conlog Prepaid Meter.

The keypad does not need to be plugged, as the meter and the keypad communication is by use of RF (Radio Frequency). The process of buying is the same.

  • At home, enter the 20-digit token into the keypad and the amount of electricity you bought will automatically display on the screen.
  • Refer to a user manual for short codes or any messages that your keypad may give you.

For any prepaid meter problems, call the Tshwane call centre on 012 358 9999 and follow the voice prompt.

  • Use our tollfree number on 080 1111 556.
  • SMS the word “power” followed by your account number/ prepaid meter number and a short description of meter or keypad problem to 082 612 0333 / 44676