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Klapperkop Nature Reserve​

Fort Klapperkop Nature ReserveCoordinates: S25 46 49 E28 12 36 

  • Area size: 285 ha


    Fort Klapperkop is one of four forts built around Pretoria. It was completed in January 1898. The fort was surrounded by a moat and had a drawbridge, but the moat never contained water as the shale from which it was cut was too porous. Yet it still provided an additional defence mechanism. Various pieces of heavy artillery were placed in the fort, but it was never fully armoured. The well-known 155 mm Creuzot cannon (Long Tom) was purchased specifically for the fort but was withdrawn over the course of time. A paraffin engine generated power and lightning conductors were erected at Fort Klapperkop. A heliograph, overhead telegraph equipment and a telephone were also installed. A water reservoir for water obtained from the Fountains Valley was built under the provisions room.


    Activities and facilities 

    • Visitors can visit the museum site and Johann Rissik Drive can be walked, hiked, jogged or cycled
    • Self-guided hikes are permitted in the nature reserve
    • Lapa hire
    • Meeting hall



    Although small mammals like mongooses, hedgehogs, hares and porcupines are difficult to spot, there is evidence that they are present. The birdlife is rich. Zebra, blue wildebeest and other game species are being reintroduced to this area.




    The unique vegetation of Klapperkop Nature Reserve is a transition between two veld types, namely grassveld and mixed bushveld.


    Visiting hours


    September to April: 06:00 to 18:00

    May to August: 06:00 to 18:00




    Take the R21 highway from Fountains Circle and turn into Johann Rissik Drive. The entrance is about 900 m from the turn-off.




    Free entrance


    Contact details


    Tel: 012 358 1757/1753/8188 (bookings and enquiries)

    Email: groenkloofnaturereserve@tshwane.gov.za