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The Adopt-a-Spot Programme

The Adopt-a-Spot programme aims to do the following, among others:

  • Encourage the public, business entities and other organisations to take care of the environment by removing illegal dumping, cutting grass, removing alien vegetation and performing overall management and maintenance activities relating to parks and other public open spaces
  • Overcome the challenges of ecological degradation, illegal land use, illegal dumping, criminal activities and the lack of safety in public open spaces
  • Facilitate partnerships with active citizenry in enhancing the aesthetics and ecological functionality of public open spaces in Tshwane


Terms and conditions

  • The programme is focused on underdeveloped, undeveloped or semi-developed municipal properties zoned as public open spaces.
  • Only sites that are managed and owned by the City of Tshwane that, in the opinion of the City, are capable of being maintained through private funding will be considered for adoption.
  • These sites include but are not limited to the following:
    – Illegal dumping sites zoned as public open spaces
    – Recreational parks and facilities
    – Rivers, wetlands, flood plains, ridges and mountains
    – Any dilapidated area zoned as public open space
    – Unused road reserves and servitudes 
  • The City will not disburse any funds and no payments will be made to applicants for maintenance work or upgrades done on public open spaces.
  • There will be no cost implications for the City.
  • No business may be conducted on the adopted site.
  • The Adopt-a-Spot Programme does not give the adoptee sole right over the use and control of the adopted site.

Contact details

For more information, please call 012 358 1245/8814/8869 or email adoptaspot@tshwane.gov.za.