City of Tshwane Public Employment Programme recruits over 1 400 jobseekers

Following a successful recruitment drive for Phase 2 of the City Public Employment Programme (PEP) in August 2022 using the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) random selection system, the City has begun the contracting process, resulting in the signing of 1 423 employment contracts by selected recruits from all seven regions of Tshwane.

Phase 2 of the City PEP contracting process began on 1 September 2022, and a considerable number of participants who signed contracts have reported for duty. Part of the tasks to be performed by the new recruits include shack marking, household registration and relocation, and garbage collection and removal, among other tasks.

At least 1 000 of these recruits have been deployed by the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) across all Tshwane wards to gather information that could improve public safety.

The City is committed to creating economic prospects for the poor and unemployed, including attracting a considerable number of young people and individuals with disabilities to the programme through employment and training opportunities. As a result, the initiative will continue to provide much-needed employment opportunities to nearly 5 000 job seekers for a fixed term of six months in the current fiscal year. Plans for the second intake are being developed to guarantee that the projected objective is met.

We pride ourselves on running a fair and transparent recruitment drive with our lottery system (electronic random draw) ensuring that the process is free from corruption and nepotism. The system works independently without any influence by electronically selecting applicants from our EPWP database.

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