Office of the Executive Mayor leads by-law enforcement operation in Arcadia

Recently, the City of Tshwane conducted a multidisciplinary by-law enforcement operation in Arcadia in the Pretoria CBD. The operation included addressing safety and security concerns in the inner city and ensuring by-law compliance by businesses, liquor shops and other relevant stakeholders.

The team comprised members from the Tshwane Metro Police Department, the South African Police Service and officials from the Economic Development and Spatial Planning Department and the Health Department.

During the operation, at least 13 business premises were inspected where four of them were issued with Opportunity to Rectify (OTR) notices, two were issued with fines for operating without a Certificate of Acceptability for food premises and one restaurant was fined R5 500 for operating with an expired business licence and fire safety certificate. There was also another restaurant and a supermarket that were found to be operating without a fire certificate.

By-laws are laws that are passed by the council of a municipality to regulate the affairs and services the municipality provides in its area of jurisdiction. We therefore call on our residents and visitors to obey the by-laws so that we can make Tshwane an orderly city to live and work in.

Our multiparty coalition government will not tolerate any lack of compliance and we will continue to conduct these operations in the interest of our residents, and issue fines or even shut down businesses when necessary. ​​

This is our first major law enforcement operation this month and we are planning many more going forward.

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