The City of Tshwane is committed to supporting small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs

The City of Tshwane recently launched an initiative called the Tshwane Virtual Entrepreneurship Academy to assist people aspiring to venture into business. Launched in collaboration with the StartUp Tribe, the initiative will provide free world-class courses through a virtual platform, mainly targeting young entrepreneurs, aspirant entrepreneurs and retrenched workers.

The Tshwane Virtual Entrepreneurship Academy is an initiative to bring know-how to thousands of people to empower them with tools and skills to achieve what they want to achieve in business.

The MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning, Ald Hannes Coetzee, said that experts and seasoned business owners can share their knowledge and experience with developing and start-up businesses and provide training material through the academy.

The academy, which went live on 14 April 2023, aims to provide courses on how to start a business, find clients and grow one’s business.

The following are some of the courses provided by the Tshwane Virtual Entrepreneurship Academy:

  • How to start a business
  • How to find clients and grow your business
  • How to start a farming business
  • How to lower costs and increase profits
  • Demystifying digital tools
  • The entrepreneurship life cycle

Considering the current high unemployment rate in the country, particularly among young people, the Tshwane Virtual Entrepreneurship Academy is a great empowerment opportunity. Young individuals who want to start their own businesses or grow their businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by enrolling in one of the courses offered on this platform. With just a smartphone and an internet connection, you can sign up and study at no cost from the convenience of your home!

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